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skp touchdowns only? how to increase


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Ok, I have been up and down with SIM/SKP and have got SKP (teams that play season in the background) stats working almost perfect - the only problem is that the teams don't score enough touchdowns!


For example, I have RBs running for the right amount of carries and picking up the right amount of yards BUT, they are scoring TDs about 1/2 of what I would like them to.  Same as QBs.


*Question is:  Is there an (as of yet "undocumented") location in the ROM that essentially sets the SKP scoring ?  I want to DOUBLE the scoring, but keep the yards the same.


Note - I have tried many, many combinations of setting the values below to get what I want - and while in some scenarios I AM able to get the TDs and Points where I want them - but then the Yards are way off!!!


# Sim Points/Yardage Modifiers
0x1703C-0x1703D # First Quarter/OT
0x17F0D-0x17F0E # Second-Fourth Quarter

# Sim Rushing/Punt Returning Modifiers
# Sim Passing/Receiving Modifiers
# Sim Defense Modifiers
# Sim Offense Modifiers
# Sim Kicking Modifiers
# Sim Punting Modifiers

# Sim Pocket Modifiers
# Sim Kick Returning Modifiers

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Not directly no. The sim code actually very loosely simulates the structure of a game.  It calculates the yardage gained per down increments the down. Checks for 4th down or TD. There was actually sim code for two point conversions.


The easiest  way that would probably work great takes changing a number of locations. I assume you want this for the street rom. You'd have to change all the references to the distance from the endzone to be 50 yards instead of 100.  I'll try and look into it when I have time.






The locations in your post are slightly wrong.


0x1703C = amount of SIM minutes in the first qtr.

0x17F0D = amount of SIM minutes in 2nd-OT qtr.


So yes a longer qtr will lead to more pts and more yards. 


Sim Rushing Yards Modifiers 


# Sim Passing Yards Modifiers

# Sim Run and KR/PR Defense Modifiers


# Sim Pass Defense Modifiers


# Sim Reception Yards Modifiers



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thanks bru.  I found 3 locations (all around the x17000 area) with that "set distance from endzone" code and cut the 64 value in half to 32.  this brought the points up and stuff.  in conjunction with your corrected SIM notes (thank you) I have it SKPing pretty good.


there were a couple (3?) of other locations with a similar string of code, but the bytes preceding and following the "set distance from endzone" code weren't the same, so I didn't change those.  


btw, I did a search for code "A96438" to do this hack.  


let me know if you ever find out more. 

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