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(x1FC10 area) some code around team names - different on 32 and 28 team roms?


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I was looking at the code that sits between the "team names/1st2nd3rd4th" and the "offensedefenseeastnorth, etc - the 0x1FC10 area...


I have never really known exactly what this chunk of code is, even though I have edited the heck out of team names, I have always just copied and pasted to make stuff work....


anyways, I just noticed that some code is different between the two roms, and I am wondering why.


on the CXROM 32-team rom, the code is:

(at location 0x1FF90)



on the ORIGINAL 28-team rom, the code is:

(at location 0x1FF4D, in this case)



you can see where I bolded the code that is different.  can anyone explain?


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