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Leif Powers'/Nameless Loser's FAQ updated

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Well, it was about time, 13 years later.

Note that these FAQs are in the public domain now, which I had meant to do about 10 years back but never followed up on. RodWoodson, you want to shove these in the downloads directory? Up to you on how to handle. My goal would be to have others either further correct, or rip the useful/relevant pieces out and put in their own take (which I find to be more effective if you have a focus area). Obviously I do not visit forums or update frequently enough. ^_^


Changes include:

- Updated with a pile of info I researched/updated/wrote while preparing for Madison XII, particularly regarding no-lurch games

- Fixed Passing Accuracy, Quickness, AKB, other errors (some of them may still exist)





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Perfect timing because I use the GameFAQs version of your FAQs when I create players in TSB3. I see you've changed some of the rankings, but in the SNES version if quickness and pass accuracy actually mean something then following your NES TSB FAQ isn't going to help me :)


Thanks, BTW, for writing the FAQ and eventually splitting it into two parts. I've probably been reading variations of them for over 15 years.

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For the following reasons:

- I promised people I would update this in the next month

- I added and moved a bunch of stuff around and am now scared of computer crash

- I needed to consolidate a bunch of notes

- I know having a brief tournament-specific doc would be helpful


please find below the updated FAQs. Note: the formatting on some of them is awful because they came from a number of different applications I was using to type them up.


As previously noted feel free to make suggestions. I'm thinking I might cut some raw, amateur videos next 8O




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This update should be the last for a little while. I cleaned up a lot of formatting and did some deduplication IIRC, so this is more suitable for printing or alternative publishing.








Edited by Nameless Loser
80 character fixes

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