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HSRL "Stay or Go"

Return for HSRL 1975 season  

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  1. 1. Who would remain an owner in HSRL next season under new ownership/commish? 26 owner league

    • I will return
    • I do not plan on returning
    • Unsure

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Hello my fellow Tecmo brothers ,


Prime here,


- As we all know Toolie has explained to us that this season (1974), will be the final season of HSRL. This is one of the best leagues I have had the pleasure to play in and I am pretty sure a lot of you can also say the same. Toolie has always been quite the professional when it came to running this league, there has never be any friction when it came to the conduct of how HSRL has ran over the past 2-3 seasons. I spoke with him earlier, and expressed to him how I would not mind stepping forward with the intent to try and keep the league alive with the assistance of everyone. Yes it will be a tough challenge, as things will be somewhat different but the league will still operate and should see improvements down the road. The league has 26 teams and I am not sure who will be returning next season as owners.


- I ask that if you plan to return and would like to be a new owner in this league, then let it be known ASAP. Furthermore we can move forward with keeping everything in place. I will do my best if I am given the opportunity to run this league however, the league's success will all depend on the owners that are within it. No matter how great a person manages, the failures and successes will come from what we build internally as a team and owners. Toolie ran this league magnificently and I know that if he passes it along then he would want it to be ran at the same pace or even better. We would all enjoy the league for a few more seasons. As for now he has made the decision to cancel the league in its entirety.


-The league can continue if we want it to. I will leave this here for now and let the Tecmo Brothers decide, as he will make the decision based on feedback.

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The votes will come in time. I am definitely returning.

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I can't play spring/summer/fall, but I would return as an owner in October.  Obviously NO HELP to this topic, but that's my standing.

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