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TSB Convergence: Final Edition

This is the final edition of Tecmo Super Bowl: Convergence.  For those that haven't followed this project, this is a ROM that contains the greatest teams in each franchise's history.  With this ROM, you can pit the battle of the undefeateds as the 1972 Dolphins are pitted against the 2007 Patriots, or hop in the way-back machine as Jim Brown and the 1964 Cleveland Browns square off against Bart Starr and the 1962 Green Bay Packers.  There are 32 teams with fair representation of the decades going back to the 1960s (60s (7 teams), 70s (4), 80s (5), 90s (8), 00s (4), 10s (4)).  The teams included are:


1960 Philadelphia Eagles

1961 Houston Oilers

1962 Green Bay Packers

1963 San Diego Chargers

1964 Cleveland Browns

1968 New York Jets

1969 Kansas City Chiefs

1970 Baltimore Colts

1972 Miami Dolphins

1976 Minnesota Vikings

1978 Pittsburgh Steelers

1983 Los Angeles Raiders

1985 Chicago Bears

1986 New York Giants

1988 Cincinnati Bengals

1989 San Francisco 49ers

1990 Buffalo Bills

1991 Detroit Lions

1991 Washington Redskins

1992 Dallas Cowboys

1998 Denver Broncos

1998 Atlanta Falcons

1999 Jacksonville Jaguars

1999 St. Louis Rams

2000 Baltimore Ravens

2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2007 New England Patriots

2009 New Orleans Saints

2012 Houston Texans

2013 Seattle Seahawks

2015 Arizona Cardinals

2015 Carolina Panthers


There have been some changes since the last release of Convergence 3.0.  First and foremost, the 1975 Steelers have been replaced with the 1978 version of the team.  The 1999 Tennessee Titans have reverted back to the 1961 Houston Oilers (the team that was featured in Convergence 1.0, replaced in 2.0).


A few graphical tweaks have been made, mostly in presentations.  On each of the Team Data screens, I have put a year "sticker" on the team helmets (see screenshot gallery).


Also, new to the Convergence franchise are the inclusion of All-Time Super Bowl teams.  With help from the TecmoBowl.org community, I was able to set an AFC and NFC All-Time Super Bowl roster for play in Pro Bowl mode.  I'm sure there are discussions to be had regarding my choices for the team, but keep in mind my selections were based on (a) Super Bowl performance, (b) and player availability.  In regards to player availability, one of the reasons that I replaced the '75 Steelers with the '78 team was because I couldn't imagine an AFC all-time Super Bowl team without Mike Webster at center.  Mike Webster was on the 1978 team.  He was not on the 1975 team.


One other major update was the correction of the ROMs simdata.  In previous versions of Convergence, it was not uncommon for Walter Payton or Thurman Thomas to lead the league, both in rushing, but also in receiving.  In fact, the league's leading receivers were comprised of 95% running backs.  This is no longer an issue.  I also went back and recompiled defensive player simdata.  In short, I figured out that using my editor's "Auto Update All Player Sim Attribute" button was a horrible, HORRIBLE idea and the bane of this ROM's existence.  This has been fixed, so expect to see Lawrence Taylor, Rod Woodson, and the like at the top of the league leaderboards.



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I made a couple of minor edits to this ROM.  I mistakenly put '12 and '68 year stickers on the '02 Buccaneers and '69 Chiefs helmets.  These were corrected. 


Also, I noticed that New England, Dallas, and Detroit all had identical primary uniform color schemes (silver and blue).  So now, the Patriots will use their red and white scheme against Detroit and Dallas, and Dallas will use the white and silver scheme when playing Detroit.

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I don't usually play Tecmo Super Bowl, but downloaded this and noticed that the inside linebackers and Outside linebackers were switched for the '89 49ers.  Walter and Millen are playing outside linebacker and Haley and Turner are playing inside linebacker. Also the Giants have Reasons playing outside linebacker and Carl Banks playing inside linebacker. Noticed a few others but those were the first one's I saw.

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10 minutes ago, TheFes75 said:

I don't usually play Tecmo Super Bowl, but downloaded this and noticed that the inside linebackers and Outside linebackers were switched for the '89 49ers.  Walter and Millen are playing outside linebacker and Haley and Turner are playing inside linebacker. Also the Giants have Reasons playing outside linebacker and Carl Banks playing inside linebacker. Noticed a few others but those were the first one's I saw.


There will likely be a lot of inside linebackers playing outside, and vice-versa.  When creating the rosters, I umbrella'd all the linebackers into a single "linebacker" grouping with no regard to whether they played inside or outside.

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      View File NFL Tecmo Super Bowl 2K13
      Drummer's Tecmo Super Bowl 2K13
      From Drummer:
      "This ROM is intented for MAN vs CPU / MAN vs MAN / and COA mode
      Thanks to the following people in no particular order:
      Bad_Al - TSB Tool Supreme Editor
      CX_ROM - 32-team ROM
      Jstout - various error fixes in the ROM, gameplay hacks, helmet graphics, Goodyear logo, NFLPA logo, Super Bowl Trophy on leaders screen, stats logo
      Elway - graphics (NFL Network logo, start screen, and NFL shield logo)
      Knobbe - for this wonderful Website so the Tecmo players, and Tecmo people have somewhere to keep this game alive!
      Xplozv - stats screen after each quarter
      Bruddog - for quickness for intercept hack
      To my many fans known and unknown, thanks for playing the ROM!"
      Cinema screen changed to Kapernick, Peterson, and Ray Lewis
      Menu screen is blue, text is white, and season schedule screen is grey to commemorate the world champion Giants
      Official 2012 NFL schedule
      Rookies are on teams if they are a projected starters (if player is a rookie you will see word "ROOKIE" on a shadowed face)
      2013 year implemented into menu screens
      Football has laces
      Multiple changes to in-game text ("BOUNTY!" injury screen among others)
      NFLPA Logo
      Background menu text changed from red to white
      KISS now plays Super Bowl halftime show
      Scrolling cinema text now reads "DRUMMER'S NFL 2K13"
      New ESPN logo
      New STATS INC logo
      Screen between quarters where txt was "TECMO SPORTS NEWS" now reads "NFL GAME STATS"
      Goodyear logo on blimp at halftime
      KR/PR position moved back to fix safeties in endzone on returns
      Team SIM ratings have been tweaked
      Player SIM ratings tweaked
      Team playbooks/formations tweaked
      Team jearsey colors tweaked
      Dedicated punt and kickoff returner (players use their max speed for the return)
      Adjustable Quarter Length
      More accurate FGs
      Ability to change playbook in-game
      Ability to change quarter length
      Punt coverage boost decreased
      Dedicated fumble and interception returner (players use their max speed for the return)
      Stats screen after each quarter
      4-3/3-4 defense hack
      PC/PA hack
      HP hack (tweaked)
      Ultra Logic hack (cpu plays better defense)
      Quickness for interceptions (self explainatory)
      Kickoff length hack for deeper kickoffs
      Also tweaked interceptions by man controlled players. (you should get more now with a good defender)
      New opening cinema, tweaked player and team SIM code
      Buffalo Bills helmet now is white, fixed Ravens to Super Bowl Offensive Line
      Submitter drummer4god Submitted 01/15/2013 Category NFL By Year  
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