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Baron von Lector

(NES) FIFA Brazil 2014

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FIFA Brazil 2014

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This is my most ambitious edit project to date.  To give an idea of the original ROM based on a Japanese professional football league (J.League Winning Goal), check out the images below:


J%20League%20Winning%20Goal.png J.League%20Winning%20Goal%20(J).pngj-league-winning-goal-famicom-008.jpg


One of the first things I did was to translate the ROM to English.  On ROMHacking.net, there was a patch provided that reduced my workload by about 50%.


Next, I replaced all of the team flags with each country's national flags.  The countries in the game are:  United States, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Belgium, France, England, Mexico, Germany, Italy, and Portugal.  After replacing the flags, I replaced the original team logos with the logo or crest for each country's football association.


After changing the logos, I modified the rosters and ratings for each player to accurately reflect the 2014 World Cup.


The kit colors came next.  I had to go with a team's 2nd or 3rd colors in order to make it as accurate as possible.


Finally, to pander the the Tecmo crowd, I updated the appearance to have more of a Tecmo-feel to it.  The fonts were replaced with those from Tecmo Super Bowl, along with a few color schemes (white on black, white on blue).


In regards to the game, there are two modes:  Exhibition (1 or 2 players) and League.  League emulates a larger-scale pool play in the sense that every team will play every other team once before a Champion is crowned.


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Unsure of what a "Chicharito" was, I used my Google machine to inform me that this is a Mexican player by the name of Javier Hernandez.  Upon looking at Mexico's World Cup roster, I saw that he was featured as #14 on the depth chart, a position that would get him into this game.  Looking at the ROM, I see that he is mysteriously missing.  Turns out, he was sitting in the #12 spot on the roster, and something that I found out near the end of the ROM edit, is that the #12 spot is reserved for the #2 GK.  So, he was replaced by Alfredo Talavera.  However, since I trust that you are more versed in the Mexican National Football team than I, Chicharito makes his triumphant return to the team in place of Isaac Brizuela.


I've uploaded the updated ROM.

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4 hours ago, Baron von Lector said:

Unsure of what a "Chicharito" was, I used my Google machine to inform me that this is a Mexican player by the name of Javier Hernandez.  

I've uploaded the updated ROM.

Excellent !!. Thank you! . And again : AMAZING WORK!!

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      FIFA World Cup 2014
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      Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 01/13/2017 Category Genesis  
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