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(NES) 1978-1993 Tecmo Super Bowl Updated/Juiced/SuperCharged

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Weeks 4-6. Dickey and Lofton are firing! The Tampa pass rush derailed us and sacked Dickey into bad condition but sitting pretty after a thrilling victory against Billy Sims and Detroit and now 4-2 with the #1 ranked offense in the league. Up next the 4-2 Redskins. They are favored by 7.



week 4 standings.jpg

week 4.jpg

week 5 Standings.jpg

week 5.jpg

week 6 standings.jpg

week 6.jpg

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A little swing back through the AFC North. The Bengals were never a serious threat although the running of QB Anderson and heavy play action kept me on my toes. The Cleveland Browns took it to us and had an excellent pass rush. Matthews was after Dickey all day and they even forced our first punt of the year. The Browns offense led by Brian Sipe was a quick scoring machine. We are keeping pace with the Bears and if we can sweep them (we play 2 of the last 3 games) we can win this division.

week 9 standings.jpg

week 9.jpg

week 10 standings.jpg

week 10.jpg


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Games are starting to get a lot more competitive and the Pack's weak defense is really a glaring issue. We barley outlasted bottom feeder Minnesota and let a bad QB Steve Dils throw all over us. Then... Detroit took it to us after the Pack had an early lead and again our bad defense made  a sub par QB Eric Hipple look like Joe Montana in an upset loss. Then, the bottom fell out in Atlanta. The Pack allowed 480 yards rushing to William Andrews and gave up a 50-Burger.  Wow. Just Wow.


We now have 3 games left in the season and likley need to win 2. Up next are two games with the Division Champ Chicago Bears and a rematch with the Buccaneers who upset us earlier in the season.


Will the Pack make the playoffs?


We've got the offense to outscore anyone, however our defense cant hold anyone so it's anybody's guess.


Stay tuned.

week 11 standings.jpg

week 11.jpg

week 12 standings.jpg

week 12.jpg

week 13 standings.jpg

week 13.jpg

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On ‎12‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 6:53 AM, qbvikings said:

Brutal game against the Bears, wasn't even close. But a come from behind victory against the Bucs keeps us alive for the playoffs with one last game to go in the season... a rematch against the Bears.

week 14 Standings.jpg

week 14.jpg

week 15 standings.jpg

week 15.jpg

How are you able to post pictures?  I've tried inserting pictures here several times, and they always turn up as links instead.

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Recently got into playing ROM's and these have been my favorite so far. I've been Auto Skipping to the playoffs and going from there. Just don't have time to play full seasons but the juice factor provides more than enough challenge. I've been playing the 1978, 1981, 1985, 1989 & 1993 seasons. Also played the USFL 1985 which is awesome. I've had moderate success on all these seasons minus 1978. The Steelers and Cowboys are FAR superior to the rest of the league here. Just finished my 10th season and this is how things have turned out. Have made the Super Bowl 3 times and lost all of them. Dallas has 5 rings and Pittsburgh 3. I'm obsessed with getting a SB title, just don't know how I can ever get through Dallas and Pittsburgh. I feel like Houston, San Diego and the Rams are decent and Miami and Denver as well. My 5 year old son loves watching, I'm 99% sure he knows more about the NFL circa 1978-1993 than any 5 year old in the world. He loves checking each players condition... the future of Tecmo is bright!


1978 Tecmo Super Bowl Juiced

1. DAL 24 - PIT 17 --- HOU
2. NO 24 - PIT 21 --- PHI
3. DAL 37 - PIT 12 --- PIT*
4. PIT 21 - RAM 20 --- HOU
5. HOU 24 - DET 21 --- CLE
6. DAL 47 - SD 7 --- SD*
7. PIT 27 - DET 3 --- DET*
8. DAL 24 - MIA 21 --- CHI
9. PIT 20 - RAM 10 --- MIA
10. DAL 35 - MIA --- RAM
Here is my 1981 results..
1. CIN 28 - SF 24 --- SF*
2. SD 35 - PHI 20 --- SD**
1985 results... 
Thought the 85 Bears would be nearly impossible to beat but I handled them with the Niners. Montana and Rice in excellent condition pulled me through and then I barely beat the Raiders for my 1st title.
1. CHI 24 - RAI 17 --- SF
2. GIA 28 - RAI 24 --- JET
3. SF 28 - RAI 27 --- SF**
1989 results...
Even with a COM juiced I've still dominated with the Niners...
1. SF 39 - KC 21 --- SF**
2. SF 56 - BUF 24 --- SF**
1993 results...
1. DAL 35 - HOU 27 --- SF
2. SF 31 - JET 26 --- SF**
3. SF 34 - BUF 17 --- SF**
4. SF 30 - BUF 24 --- KC

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Share in the Glory, bask in the Sun.


Jets are 1985 CHAMPIONS!!!!!



TD-Scorers were,

Ken O'Brien (5):  TE Mickey Shuler (2), WRs Al Toon, Wesley Walker, & Kurt Sohn.

Freeman McNeil ran one in.


Additionally, Lance Mehl {ILB} scored a SAFETY-sack, on Danny's White ass.


Another beautiful event was Joe Klecko tackling DAL's punter (before he could even get the punt off)!!



As for my opponent...  I got the luck of the draw, when DAL beat the Bears in the NFCC.

(Probably because RBs PAYTON and Suey were both injured the whole game...

In fact, look who Chicago's leading rusher was:



da FRIDGE!!!)



The road to the SB was, well, an easy slog ...


(Don't let looks deceive you: in that 2nd playoff game, Freeman went "The Bus" on the bit, jogging "0" yards but for 3 TDs... plus another, receiving!)


Some season leaders:




And I observed an interesting parallel, between my '93 and '85 Championship-season RBs ...

On 7/30/2016 at 2:00 PM, Bolt said:

TecmoSuperBowl1993JJ.png  Total touches = 145;  Total Yards = 910;  Total TDs = 14.


TecmoSuperBowl1985J2Freeman.thumb.png.0a167a113137505de696bf844e4c4720.png  Total touches = 148;  Total Yards = 910;  Total TDs = 14.



Edited by Bolt

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If somebody can teach me how to attach pictures so that I can show proof of my success in these Tecmo Super Bowl roms, I can prove to you guys how well I am doing.  Last I checked, I started on the 1980 season as the Atlanta Falcons--but am also playing as the Saints.


In 1978, the Vikings defeated the Steelers in Super Bowl XIII in a high-powered shootout, and Fran Tarkenton ended his career Super Bowl MVP.


In 1979, it was the Philadelphia Eagles that won the Super Bowl, this time against the Dolphins.


I'm trying to get the Atlanta Falcons into Super Bowl XV, though I am also trying out the Saints to see how far they can make it into the year.  And it is hard to score when only the QB is any good, and all your receivers have butterfingers, and your running game is useless.  Not to mention that disgustingly awful defense.

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Week 2:   New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears


The Bears' punishing defense have forced Archie Manning to play honestly and meticulously.  Heading towards enemy territory in the opening possession, RB Jimmy Roger nearly fumbled the ball away to the Bears' defense when the ball went out of bounds, and we narrowly got a touchdown.  Ike Harris caught the first touchdown of the game.  Unfortunately, on the first play from scrimmage, the Saints surrendered a Vince Evans deep pass to James Scott for a touchdown.  But after a short kick that was returned near midfield, RB Jimmy Rogers fought off a few tacklers to take us to Bear's territory, before a frantic deep pass from Archie Manning to TE Henry Childs in coverage got us into field goal range, narrowly making it out of bounds to stop the clock.  At 3 and 8, Archie Manning performed a Quarterback Sneak to get the first down, 6 yards from the goal line as time expired.  Second play of the second quarter, Jimmy Rogers punched it in for a touchdown.  After stuffing Walter Payton twice, I anticipated the same play as before and intercepted the ball.  After a couple of catches from Harris, Archie Manning punched it in himself to go up 21-7 against the Bears.  After forcing 3-and-out, the Bears punted deep, but Archie Manning threw a deep one to Ike Harris with 42 seconds to go.  After another pass to Harris, Archie Manning then threw another one to TE Henry Childs for a touchdown.  The half expired after we stuffed the kick return.  New Orleans is up 28-7 in Chicago.




On the Bear's second half kickoff, we stuffed the O-line three times for a Safety.  The Saints had no trouble working their way downfield for yet another touchdown to force the game into the score of 37-7.  Eventually, Walter Payton was able to bust out of coverage and make a mad dash to field goal range.  Ultimately, the Saints went on the preventive measure to make sure they got the ball back by the time the 4th quarter began.  From out own 6 yard line, we forced the Bears to settle for a field goal, not realizing that they are still down four scores.  And the Saints got the ball back from their own 10-yard line.  But a quick slant pass to Ike Harris got the ball all the way past the Bears' 40-yard line as the third quarter ended.  And all throughout the 4th quarter, Archie Manning handed the ball off to Jimmy Rogers to run out the clock all the way down to 3:51 remaining when he scored the touchdown to put the Saints over 44-10, effectively putting the game away.  The Saints forced another Safety and instead of settling for an onside kick, the Bears kicked it away with no hope of bouncing back from what would eventually become a 53-10 thrashing--the final Saints score coming from a Jimmy Roger fumble that was picked up by receiver Wes Chandler for a touchdown--his only touch of the game.  Then the Saints recovered a fumble from the Bears' kick return and ran it back deep into their own territory.  Jimmy Rogers then punched it back in to make it 60-10 with 42 seconds remaining.  We shut down the Bears' final two deep pass attempts to win the game in resounding fashion.


And yes, this did just happen with the Aints of all teams.



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Week 2:  Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots


The Falcons stuffed the Patriots' run-option offense after pinning them down at their own 3-yard line, forcing a Safety.  On the first play from Scrimmage, the Falcons capitalized with a pass to Alfred Jenkins for a touchdown from QB Steve Bartkowski.  After another deep pass to Lynn Cain, Bartkowski handed it off to RB William Andrews repeatedly for yet another touchdown.  The Falcons forced a 3-and-out to close out the 1st quarter up 16-0.  First play of the second quarter, Alfred Jenkins caught another deep one for yet another touchdown.  The Falcons then forced a fumble and recovered it inside Patriot territory.  After a few plays, Lynn Cain scored a touchdown pass to put the Falcons up 30-0.  After forcing a 3-and-out, the Bartkowski threw yet another bomb downfield to Alfred Jenkins--this time, he made it all the way down to the Patriots' 7-yard line before being tackled.  William Andrews then punched it in himself for yet another touchdown as the first half expired.  Score 37-0.




The Falcons got the ball back to start the first half, and Bartkowski began it by tossing it repeatedly to Alfred Jenkins for a touchdown.  After forcing a 3-and-out, the Bartkowski tossed a deep bomber to Cain before Andrews punched it in himself to increase the score to 51-0.  Andrews continued to run the ball virtually nonstop all throughout the 4th quarter before he entered the end zone for a touchdown.  After forcing a 4-and-out, and Falcons put the game away by the final score of 65-0.



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Week 3:  Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins


A deep pass to WR Wallace Francis was followed up by a touchdown pass to Lynn Cain.  After forcing a Safety, Bartkowski threw a deep pass down to Francis for a touchdown.  After yet another Safety, Bartkowski threw a deep pass to Jenkins for a touchdown to go up 25-0.  The next touchdown came when Fulten Kuykendal anticipated a lateral pass and intercepted in for a touchdown (think final play of the first half of Super Bowl XVIII).  We forced yet another Safety and Francis caught yet another deep pass for a touchdown to go up 41-0.  All in the very first quarter.  Kuykendal then anticipated the same play as earlier and intercepted yet another lateral for a touchdown.  Yet another Safety and a deep pass to Francis for a touchdown.  Kenny Johnson then scored another defensive touchdown to take the score to 64-0.  A Safety later, and the Falcons were pinned down at their own 30.  Jenkins caught a deep pass for a touchdown.  The first half ended with yet another pick six to take an 80-0 lead.




The very first play of the second half was yet another Safety.  And the Falcons spent the remainder of the game running the ball downfield.  Buddy Curry scored the last pick six of the game as the third quarter dwindled.  The Dolphins never secured a first down, and the game ended with a field goal and the final score of 99-0.



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I decided not to do the play-by-play of my Saints game with the Buffalo Bills, but needless to say, the Saints won 51-24 with the final play of the game coming by a Safety.  Early game was very back-and-forth, while the third quarter was an exchange in turnovers.  I was up 28-24 at the half, but by shutting down the Bills' passing attack, I was able to come away with a win.



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Week 4:  Atlanta Falcons vs. San Francisco 49ers


After forcing a Safety, Reggie Smith returned the kick for a touchdown to immediately jump up 9-0 against the 49ers.  After a 4-and-out, the Falcons offense struggled a bit but eventually reached the endzone for a touchdown.  After forcing yet another 3-and-out, RB William Andrews took off for 80 yards for a touchdown as the first quarter came to a close.  After forcing a Safety, QB Bartkowski completed a deep pass to Jenkins and then Andrews ran it three times for a touchdown.  A 3-and-out later, the Falcons with the help of Andrews' rushing led to a 39-0 lead extension.  The 49er's finally got a first down, but it was all for naught as time in the first half expired.




The Falcons opened the second half soaring through the skies, and racking up the score to 53-0, forcing a three-and-out inbetween drives.  The Falcons then forced a fumble and recovered inside the 49er's 10-yard line.  After scoring off a 4-and-out, the Falcons kicking team allowed a 40-yard return from the 49er's, whose return specialist nearly led the team to a touchdown.  QB Steve DeBerg got a first down, but then a Falcons cornerback intercepted a deep pass at the Falcons' 20.  Bartkowski meticulously led his team downfield for the score that ended the game 74-0.  William Andrews rushed for 194 yards while 182 out of Bartkowski's 275 yards passing went to Alfred Jenkins.



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So Week 4 between the Saints and the Dolphins was quite the epic shootout as throughout the entire game, both teams were exchanging touchdown passes to each other.  There was one 3-and-out the Saints forced on the Dolphins, whereas the Dolphins recovered a fumble from Jimmy Rogers deep in Dolphins' territory.  Interestingly enough, both times the Dolphins kicked gave up the ball to us in the second half, they kicked it so deep that the Saints were only able to recover it both times at their own 3-yard line.  First, it was Jimmy Rogers that led the drive and ran out the clock until he fumbled the ball.  The second time it happened, it was Archie Manning leading the 1-minute drill to try and get his team into field goal range with a pair of Hail Mary's.  But the second pass was returned by Wes Chandler all the way down for a game-winning touchdown.  Instead of risking another drive on the Dolphins returning the kick for a touchdown, the Saints settled for an onside kick in order to run out the clock immediately, and take home the win 42-35.

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Week 5:  Atlanta Falcons (4-0) vs. Detroit Lions (2-2)


The first quarter was filled with brutal misses and sacks.  But the Falcons still got a couple big plays that were returned for touchdowns.  But the Falcon defense was not well-equipped for the Lions' running game.  And when they shut the running attack down, they ended up giving up a touchdown in the air to make the score 14-7 heading into the first quarter.  Instead of settling for a distant field goal, the Lions went for it on 4th-and-1 and converted, and eventually got a touchdown out of it.  The half closed with the Falcons up 28-7, with our aerial attack covered in holes.




The Falcons' defense got torched on the Lions' opening kickoff, and in spite my best efforts, ended up surrendering a touchdown.  To make matters worse, the Falcons fumbled their subsequent kick return and the Lions returned it for yet another touchdown to come within one score with the Falcons.  The Falcons' struggles have continued, though RB Andrews continued to carry his team.  And when the run game failed to get much mileage, Bartkowski would find an open receiver to make a play.  And he indeed did to climb up 35-21.  With a bit of luck, I forced a punt from the Lions to end the third quarter.  And in the fourth quarter, Lynn Cain fumbled the 3rd-and-1 play only for offensive lineman R.C. Thielman to recover it and run it in 60 yards for a touchdown to put the Falcons up 42-21.  And after forcing a fumble, Lions RB Bussey recovered it and ran it all the way for 70+ yards for a touchdown, and the Lions recovered the onside kick.  But the Lions stalled, and the Falcons escaped with a win 49-21 to go 5-0.



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The Saints opened up their game with the Cardinals by stuffing up O.J. Anderson and forcing a Safety.  And Jimmy Rogers returned the kickoff all the way for a touchdown to make the score 9-0 in the blink of an eye.  Mel Gray returned the favor to close in within 2 points once again.  But after yet another big return from Jimmy Rogers, Archie Manning through a 20-yarder to Henry Childs for yet another touchdown for the first offensive yardage of the game.  Not much else happened in a 62-28 thrashing against the Cardinals that sent the Aint's to 5-0.

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Week 6:  Atlanta Falcons (5-0) @ New York Jets (2-3)


Atlanta Falcons KR Reggie Smith opened up the game by returning the opening kickoff 80 yards for a touchdown.  Beyond that, there really wasn't much to talk about.  The Falcons only allowed one offensive touchdown all game long, and racked up 9 touchdowns themselves and three Safeties to route the Jets 69-7 and to go 6-0.



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I decided to leave Week 7 to the computers because the Falcons and Saints were playing each other.  The Falcons won a 28-27 thriller.  'Nuff said.


Week 8:  Atlanta Falcons (7-0) vs. Los Angeles Rams (5-2)


The first half was in essence a defensive epic.  After forcing a Safety on the Rams' opening possession, the Falcons returned the subsequent kick deep into Rams territory, and Bartkowski and Andrews teamed up to lead their team downfield for a touchdown.  The Rams' offense wouldn't collapse the remainder of the half, however, as Cullen Bryant torched our defense 80 yards for a touchdown, and would later on continue to torch our defense for nearly 200 yards on the ground.  The Rams' defense slowed us down a bit, but the Falcons were meticulous on offense, and they were able to keep the Rams from scoring on the final play of the half to maintain a 23-14 lead.


In spite getting the ball back first, the kick returner fumbled the ball and the Rams returned it for a touchdown.  It would, however, be the final score of the game for the Rams as the Falcons stuffed Cullen Bryant the rest of the game.  In spite of humbling offensive stats, the Falcons won by the score of 46-21.



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This is my first jaunt down memory-lane with my favorite Packers squadron - the 1989 incarnation - on this ROM.


Rough start, going 0-3.  But now we've evened things up, with 3-in-a-row;


Including, just-now (Wk6) overcoming a 15-pt, late-3rd qtr deficit (14-29),

culminating with Donny Majk's 10-yard toss - with 14 Tecmo-ticks left - to an endzone-bound, diving Perry Kemp!

(filling-in nicely for an oft-injured Sterling) ... immediately before being sacked by a hard-charging keith MILLARD





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