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HSTL s35 Wk7: Pitt @ Cle

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The Browns would get to play another game and I guess feeling a little dirty for the love from the desync game the tecmo gods decided to put them through an extremely tough challenge of some tecmo bullshit and see if they could.......




The Browns would start their march through 200 yards of shit smelling tecmo foulness with losing the toss (no biggy).  Opening kickoff...its a FUMBLE!! 2nd time in 3 games we've fumbled to opening kickoff......But, Cleveland recovers and actually scrambles further down the field to their own 45.  Cleveland goes on the attack with some Walker runs and shot Mitchell plays.  Scott scrambles for the 1st and just can't quite get out of bounds....FUMBLE, bounces right to the middle of the field so 3 Steelers can gather it up around their own 30.  Pittsburgh goes on a drive of their own with a couple quick first downs.  But they stall when Barry gets called, Steve picked a couple yards back up and a drone DLman makes a nice tip for and incomplete.  4th and 6ish Young scrambles but the D meets him right before the 1st down marker.  


Cleveland gets a hard fought first down to end the 1st.  Couple plays later its walker down the sidelines for the first down...I know i need to go OB, I don't....FUMBLE!!! Right to the middle of the field Pittsburgh's ball.  Steeler's are immediately faced with a 3rd and 8 after a huge drone play by Steve Atwater to stuff a Barry run.  Young gets called and has to heave it, intercepted!! Cleveland goes back to the running game and again can't get out of bounds on a nice run by Walker, OUT COMES THE STRETCHERS.....Metcalf to HB, Bentley (in bad) to hb2, Dykes to wr2.  Metcalf breaks off a nice run to the 4, then scores without fumbling 2 plays later!! :)  7-0 Browns.  Steve's left with under 1:50 to play and leads the Steelers on a drive with Barry's help.  Highlighted by a nice timed pass to a sliding Mark Carrier with under 30 seconds to play, the drive ends with a FG to end the half 7-3.  


Barry and Steve go back to work to start the 2nd half picking up first down after first down.  After crossing mid field the Browns catch a break as Young looks to a tight window for the TE and gets picked off by Prior I think (Young in good too, this was my love back for the fummies, int-love).  Cleveland back in business they go to the ground with Metcalf still in good and pick up a couple first downs until.....Called Metcalf run, tackled, OUT COMES THE STRETHCERS.....Bentley in bad to HB1, Bratton to hb2.  Melvin Bratton picked up a big first down right away though to move into Pittsburgh territory.  


Fourth quarter starts and Bentley goes back to average, Jessie Anderson comes into wr2 slot, pretty much the whole team got into this game (except Qb2 Rypein and bad condition wr Wayne Walker).  Cleveland enters the redzone again but tough defense forces the fieldgoal.  Games been lagging for the last few plays on this drive and I dont want to double tap the 35 yard FG attempt and miss...so I take my time and get stepped on by Vaugh Johnson nothing to show again!  Cleveland's defense steps up big time again with a couple called plays forcing Pittsburgh into a 4th down in their zone.  They go for as its late in the game and the drones come through with a diving save to force an incompletion.  Cleveland back on the 25, they give the ball to Bentley thinking now hug the sidelines and kill the clock and the game....man that was dumb, first play FUMBLE....yeah you guessed it, right back to the middle of the field Pitt ball.


1:32 left in the game now, called shot inc, called shot Seau sack, wild Young pass out of bounds.  4th down, the heave.....oh no I can move my arrow, the way this game has gone its over 10-7 the 4th fumble killed us.....but the one thing the Dog Pound had going for it must have been scaring the accuracy out of Steve Young. He threw it over everyones head and the tecmo fumble/injury horror would end, in a victory!



1986-1991-browns.jpg.d951f38ebbd9c7c76a6 - 7


GG War! Gltrw, Play calling and some super drone play help Cleveland "Andy Dufresne" it through a shitpile of tecmo love/nolove to win. thats Hope the next match up is much cleaner :) 7 fumbles to 2 on the season, 5 lost to 0 been a tough 1st half but teams battled through for a nice half. 




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GG! I was handed 3 fumbles and only salvaged 3 points.  Credit to you man, your defense was great especially play calling.  Felt like my plays were picked 75% of the time.


Just something about my team is off and cant seem to figure it out.  With Barry, it should make my life easier but it just aint clicking.  

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