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The Retro World Series Has Launched! With Tecmo Bowl Tournament!

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I've created a new series of events called the Retro World Series. The big Main Event at the end of the year will have a Tecmo Bowl and we are also partnering with Tecmo Madison. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Today, Hal Hawkins announced the first inaugural season of the Retro World Series. There will tournaments held across the country at various events as Satellite Tournament with the season finishing off at the Main Event on August 11-14 in Houston, TX.

"I hope to create an opportunity for recreational and serious retro gamers alike to be able to take part in an event that's both fun and competitive," said Tournament Director Hawkins. "The retro gaming community has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and the Retro World Series wants to give this community the ability to enjoy retro games throughout the year with a great, big finale at the end."


The Main Event will feature 12 versus tournaments for Atari, NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis.


The Satellite Events will consist of high score, speed run, and versus tournaments.Players who compete in the events will earn points towards the Player of the Year award with a big cash prize awarded at the end of the Main Event to the winner.


The Satellite Tournaments will be free to enter with prizes awarded to the winner and runner up.


The winner also receives an entry into the Main Event tournament of their choice. Gameplay at the Satellite Tournaments will be recorded and uploaded after each event.


The Main Event will be a $26 tournament entry. Cash prizes will be awarded in the Main Event, including trophies to each tournament winner. The Main Event will also be live streamed.


There will be vendors and free play arcades at the Main Event, so guests and spectators are invited to join as well.


If you're an interested gamer, vendor, sponsor, or just want to come watch, visit www.retroworldseries.com to get more information and sign up.


Facebook: https://www.facebook...etroworldseries
Twitter: @RetroWrldSeries


Hal Hawkins
Tournament Director
(979) 224-2660
[email protected]



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This is just such a tremendous idea. I'm proud to have our tournament be a satellite for this main event.


Side note: do you take bribes? If so, what would it take to change Mortal Kombat II to Mortal Kombat III? MK3 is one of my favorite games on any system.

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This is so cool, and I wish the mk2 part was closer.


I was ranked #16 on xbox live for mortal kombat arcade kollection, and won 9/10 on mk2 pickup games.


UMK3 is garbage.  It stopped being MK when you could do dial kombos, and 6 femur bones + 4 rib cages per fatality would appear.

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Last day to register for this Tecmo Bowl tourney or any of the other tournaments (RBI Baseball, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 2, Super Mario Kart, NHL 94, and a few others).



My flight is booked, car is rented, got some new luggage and I'm ready to go try and win my 3rd tournament this year.  My friend from Central Iowa will be there as well, and hopefully we won't meet until the championship game...not that im cocky or overconfident 8)


We have group play on Thursday, and have Friday off.  Elimination round starts on Saturday.  Got a lot planned for site seeing on Friday.  Wednesday can't get here soon enough to head out.      


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Got to collect my 3rd OG Tecmo Bowl title of the year in Houston at the retro world series.  Met 2 really good TSB players that entered.  The guy who used to put on the Louisiana TSB tourney was there(Chad), along a guy from Carthage Texas(David) who reached the round of 32 in the final madison this year.  They gave us very tough games, and picked our brains for a few days.  Very impressed with them.  TSB players are known to bring it in original Tecmo Bowl tournaments.  I tip my cap to them.


Heres a pic of the hardware.  Give my little guy about 6 more years and he'll be playing some serious ball at these tourneys.  




I had to go through a close friend in the title game to get this done.  Won 9-3 with Indy over Seattle.  I give tons of credit to my crew of Tecmo Bowl players who are all top notch guys.  I play the best of the best all the time against them.  That experience can't be replicated.  Without them, I'm nowhere near as good.  They deserve all the credit in the world for my 3 tourney wins.  Easily could have been those guys going on this run instead of me.  


My crew is 34-1 in these 3 events against the field.  Its not always pretty, and guys certainly get us on the ropes at times.  So far we have gotten the job done.    


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