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Dukesta Availability

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My work schedule has changed via promotion so my hours are whacky. All times California.



WED - 530pm-4am ish

THURS - 530pm - 10-11:30pm ish

FRI - OFF (work once or twice a month starting at midnight)

SAT - 6:00pm - 4 5 6am ish

SUN - 10:00pm - 4 5 6am ish


Thanks guys!

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    • By whimworks
      I have a question for everyone/anyone. Don't want to sound like that annoying nagging person that always expects people to hack and/or update roms. Is it possible to update Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball on SNES?
      I've seen some roster updates and have even played around with the KGB editor myself. But I was wondering if it would be possible to not only update rosters but also team logos, uniforms, etc. Also would it be possible to add in Arizona and Tampa Bay? Baseball is my favorite sport and this is my favorite baseball game of all time. Having a true update would be a dream come true for me.
      Would love to to learn how to do this if it's possible but just not sure where to start. Any advice, info or words of wisdom would be much appreciated.
      Thank you.
    • By buck
      Here is my take on the End of NFL Season 2014-15 Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES.  I've had Tecmo on my mind pretty hardcore for the last couple of weeks (due to playing in the Lincoln tournament).  So, I had to put this ROM together.


      I know it's kind of premature, but the ratings are not gonna matter much, who goes to SB or whatever.  

      (But I am gonna pick NE v SEA, and then I will pick SEA to win it all, but I digress)


      UPDATED FOR SUPER BOWL.  1.19.15


      This is an OG-style (original gangster) 32-team NFL ROM with everything default.  

      No play hacks at all. 

      (except PA/PC - but I have rated every QB with the SAME PC and PA - so there is no difference, unless you modify it yourself).  

      This ROM has the original 3-4 defenses (no 4-3).


      The player ratings and team balance/"spread" is based off of the 1991 games players and ratings and spread of talent.  

      Bad teams are bad, good teams are good.  

      Some ratings are exaggerated.  


      This mod is designed primarily for MAN v MAN, for people who want a game that will play just like 1991 TSB, but with updated rosters and stuff.  

      COM works fine, too, but there are no hacks to make them better than the original game makes them.


      The pro bowl teams are just the best players from each conference (that I personally selected, because I can be like Mike (Irvin)).


       Rosters should be pretty tight, I've spent the last week on them.  They should reflect the 2014-2015 End of Season rosters and performances, for the most part.  If there are any glaring issues, please let me know.




      TSB 2014-15 EOS Buck.nes old (1.16.19 version)


      TSB 2014-15 Super Bowl buck.nes (new 1.19.15 version)


    • By philleyOphish
      ***UPDATED 4/8/2013.***
      My goal on this rom was to simply update the original rom and fix some of the issues, such as broken passing accuracy and using the wrong MS during Kick/Punt returns, correcting names, etc.  This has been a project that I have had for a long time, but for some reason there has been increased intrest in this type of ROM, so I decided to finish it.  Enjoy!
      Hacks Installed:
      1.) Ability to change your playbook while in a game.
      2.) QB Eagles, QB Bills, QB Browns names, numbers and pictures all corrected.
      3.) PA/PC Hack: Pass Control = Ability to throw on target, Pass Accuracy = Ability to complete a pass
      4.) Touckback Hack: Running out of bounds in the endzone doesn't result in a safety, it's now a touchback.
      5.) KR/PR return Hack.  KRs and PRs use their own MS during returns.
      Touckback Hack:
      Running out of bounds in the endzone doesn't result in a safety....it's now a touchback.
      Get tackled in the endzone after a kickoff is no longer a safety...it's now a touchback.
      You could still technically after a kickoff, run out of the endzone and back in and it would still be a touchback.
      But, I don't forsee that happening often and would never happen by the computer.
      It does take away the kickoffs where David Fulcher tears down the field and smashes the KR in the endzone for a safety....that's now a touchback.
      1.) Use Quickness for INT and FUMBLE Return MS.
      2.) See the Stats at the end of each quarter or half.
      3.) Install the "OPTIONS" feature that may have Weather, QTR Length or Juice Mode ON/OFF.
      When kicking off very deep, sometimes the COM KR will take a little longer to get to the ball.  This results in the ball bouncing sometimes before picking it up.
      TSB 1991 Enchanced.nes
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