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1974 Vikings Preview

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Vikes fans are demanding a winning season and Coach Drake aims to finally deliver one.


The pieces are in place. Mobile Greg Landry at QB, with speedster Paul Warfield, Frank Pitts and Billy "White Shoes" Johnson as his targets, will be the fastest receiving core I've had in HSRL. MacArthur Lane will provide enough speed to keep the playcalling honest for the D, with high rec. RB2 Pearson Preston looking to get a fair amount of checkdowns. OL isn't terrific, though bring with them a 44ms, who will make Woody Campbell, the designated return man, a potential threat to go the distance.


The Vikes D has a terrific line in White, Lohmeyer and Dutton, an un-exciting but not certainly not slow LB core - with two 38INT backers in Barnes and Adams. Jimmy Allen is the stud in the backfield, with the rest playing supporting roles. Last pick of the db draft 56ms/hp Eddie Brown is low on int, but his draft selection has put a chip on his shoulder. He should get "manned" time with that speed in likely run situations.


Average Gossett should again provide a reliable enough arrow target in the kick game.


GL in 1974 all :)

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Boy oh boy. After so much promise, it turned out just to be another shit season for Minnesota.


Lost the last 5 games by 3, 5(3), 4, 6(OT), 6 (Last second bomb). A couple of close ones earlier on that could've gone the other way too. *sigh*


Staying in games, playing good opponents tight, so I'm not disappointed in that regard, but just missing that something it seems.


I will be looking for a fresh franchise to ruin next season if someone wants to swap with the purple. I need a change. :)


Edit: At least I got the Eddie Brown call right. Mofo got them hidden stats! ROY!

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