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Thunderdome VIII: Participant Contact Information

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Hi guys,

I have provided a contact list for every player participating in this tournament and their preferred method of contact.  If you do not feel comfortable with your email listed here, please let me know and i will remove.  i removed the phone numbers of those that prefer text.  I will provide the number privately to those who need it.  


Once your opponent is known, there should be no excuses for not getting the game in due to contact.  If everybody identifies their opponent from this list and then reaches out to this person, the game should get scheduled.  Its a two way street so if both make an attempt there should be no problems.  


This information is what was provided in the sign up thread.  I know discord is now more popular so it could have changed your preferred contact.  I will say that discord is great and I recommend for everybody to use it.  Here is invite to join:   https://discord.gg/0bTEaH3dmy2mYyDm . If anybody wants to change something below, let me know and i will modify.  If you are viewing on mobile, the list could come out a little distorted.  


Player TimeZone Preferred Contact Method Primary Contact Info Secondary contact info
3Scene O1f Carnage3 EST discord 3Scene O1f Carnage3 PM
8-bit CST AIM eightbitt  
adversity MT AIM tecmo.adversity  
arncoem EST email [email protected]  
BasementNemisis PST AIM [email protected]  
BigHock4you18 CST AIM [email protected]  
bradbears81 EST email [email protected]  AIM/discord:  bradbears81
ChaosConffetti CST AIM Jesusluvsme4ever discord:  Jesusluvsme4ever
clarkham EST AIM clarkhamilton1 PM- tecmoworld
coconuts0622 CST discord coconuts0622 PM- tb.org
D.T. EST AIM dt thats me discord:  DT
daboy8821 EST AIM daboy8821  
drake EST PM tb.org: drake discord: sadstatue78
duecethasa1nt CST discord [email protected] AIM: duecel00se
flash80 CST email [email protected]  
gonickmontana PST PM tb.org forums: gonickmontana  
Gripsmoke PST AIM gripsmoke  
hoffnasty9 EST discord hoffnasty9 AIM: hoffnasty9
mightybombjack PST AIM mighty bombjack discord: mightybombjack
JEvans87 EST Text Ask War for # AIM: [email protected] 
JFagundes04 PST AIM jfagundes04 discord: JFagundes04
justinpeters51 CST email [email protected] AIM-   [email protected]
kamphuna8 PST text ask War Machine discord:  kamphuna8
Manyo360 PST PM Tb.org forums:  manyo360 discord:  manyo360
meat EST discord meat PM- tb.org
mrsdzruy65 CST AIM gotsb32  
n00btecmo89 EST AIM [email protected]  
Neerrm CST discord Neerrm  
Nos CST discord: Nos PM: Tb.org forums:  Nos
oklahoma EST AIM Oklahoma.bo discord:  bo
Ol Dirty Tecmo EST discord Ol Dirty Tecmo  
player121xk CST AIM player121xk  
Prime EST Discord Prime AIM:  Prime
purplehaze EST AIM rob22u2 discord:  purplehaze
Regulator EST PM tb.org forums: regulator088  
rockman987 CST email [email protected] discord: rockman
Ryan11p CST AIM [email protected] discord:  ryan11p
Scuffy McGee EST AIM Discord: ScuffyMcGee  
storksdaman CST AIM [email protected]  discord:  storksdaman
tdfreddie EST text Ask War for # discord:  tdfreddie
Tecmo Psycho EST PM tb.org: tecmo psycho email, text, discord
thegamehigh PST AIM thegamehigh  
toolie EST AIM luckytool discord:  luckytool
vikingmoe02 CST discord: vikingmoe02 AIM: vikingmoe_02
von_dutcharama EST Forums Tb.org forums:  von_dutcharama discord:  natten49
War Machine EST AIM discord: War Machine PM on tb.org
ziurziur PST AIM ziur_ziur
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9 minutes ago, toolie said:

There are a lot of errors on this list...


chaos, deuce, rockman, to name a few

Thanks, something weird happened with the copy and paste....its fixed now

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