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FG Accuracy Mechanics

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Does anyone know if code exists that determines the relationship between a kickers distance, the alignment of the arrow, and the super suspenseful overhead cut scene playing?


Iirc correctly, some really low ability kickers can get that scene to show up as close as extra points if the arrow is far enough away from "center".


What id ultimately like to know is the closest a kicker can be for that cut scene to trigger (based on their ability), so that i can either tweak that code or adjust the arrow distance to my liking.

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The first chart in this post -- the one with the green area that gets narrower as it goes to the right -- is exactly what I was referring to.  How would I go about expanding the green/yellow areas in the code?  Basically, I want to play around with making it less likely that a field goal will be missed without changing how far the arrow moves.

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