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War Machine

Thunderdome VIII: Official Rules and Tourney Info

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Welcome to the Thunderdome VIII official rules and information thread.  In here you will find everything you need to know about the rules of the tournament.  Its long and i dont expect everyone to read the entire thing. This will be pinned and just a resource for you in case you have a question.  I think the Tournament team selection tier section may be of interest the most.  If there is something that isnt clear to you, please send me a PM or reply in this thread.  There are three sections:


1) Tourney Info

2) Tourney Team Selection/Tiers and pre/post game activities.  Post 2 of this thread, link below


3) Gameplay rules. Post 3 of this thread, link below



Tourney Info

Tournament Director:  War Machine.  Carnage/Dynasty DeGeorge is an alternate contact for questions.

Participants:  Currently 45 (max 48)

ROM:  TPC_TSB_tapmeter.nes   Condition checker program is ALLOWED

Tournament site:  challonge.com (Link will be provided later)

Important Dates:

  • 1/6:  Tournament Sign ups End
  • 1/10:  Bracket revealed
  • 1/10:  After bracket reveal, games can begin
  • 1/20:  First deadline.  All subsequent deadlines will be a week apart.  If your opponent for your next round is known, you can go ahead and play that game.  No need to wait!  Goal was to have this tournament completed prior to Madison but that seems unlikely.  However, if we can get our games in early, we can push up dates and possibly end it sooner.



  • Single Elimination tournament (NCAA Tourney Style). 
  • 3 regions of 16 teams each and winners of each region move to final 3 where there will be a hybrid of double elimination (depending on factors).  NOTE:  this part may come off as confusing but it will make sense when we get there.  The West and Mid West region winner will play each other in the final 3.  The winner moves to Championship game.  The loser of that game plays the East region winner.  If the East winner beats the loser of the previous game, then they move onto the title game in a single elimination head to head.  If the loser of the West-Midwest, beats the East winner that’s when the double elimination kicks off and they play again to determine who moves on to play in the title game.  
  • No matchup calling.  Each round of tournament will have a tier of teams for selection.  See tourney matchup rules and pregame/post game activities section



Edited by War Machine
Added reference to tapmeter rom

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Tourney Team Selection/Tiers and Pregame/Post Game Activities


Team Selection and Home/Away:  PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY.  

  • Load any two player preseason game (teams are irrelevant) and run the coin toss.
  • Coin toss winner is home (Player 1)
  • Coin toss winner chooses his team first from the current round tiers (see below).
  • Loser of coin toss picks their team from remaining tier of teams.
    • NOTE: For championship game (NE-SEA), winner of coin toss chooses P1 or team.  If he chooses home, then loser gets to pick his team first.
  • Then perform a soft reset in nestopia and game on!



Each round you select your teams from a different tier. This helps spread the match-ups around to all the teams in tecmo.








Rd 7: NE-SEA (Championship game)


Pre-game:  Always record nsv!  If there is a dispute, this is how it can be resolved. 

Post-game:  Save state must be posted on TPC site by the winner.  A recap must be posted in the forums in the recap threads

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Game Play Rules

  • RBs can play RB, WR or TE without restriction.  WTs (WRs & TEs) can play RB, WR or TE... BUT THEY MAY NEVER RUN THE BALL FROM THE RB POSITION.  Any player may run the ball on reverses, however.  WR's who are designated as RB's in the game because of team formation (Ernest Givins, Ricky Sanders, etc.) are WR's and CANNOT run the ball. 
  • Use of DL is allowed but no LURCHING!  You must bump/grapple an opposing player or go around the tackle. 
  • Use of fourth man down on FGs and PATs is LEGAL.
  • Onside kicks are legal at any point in the game.



There are no ties.  If a game is tied at the end of regulation, the participants will play sudden death OT. If nobody scores in the OT session, a new game will begin (same playbooks must be used!) and the first participant to score will be declared the winner. Please save the state after the first OT and also save state after 2nd OT is over.



RECORD ALL GAMES (via NSV, twitch or some other source), save the state, and upload the state to the league website. Winner is responsible for uploading the state. Either player may upload the video after the state has been loaded.



 In the event of a game desyncing, the owners involved need to man up and sort it out. If they can't, the tournament director will make a determination about what should be done. Generally speaking, the game ought to be replayed from the point of the desync if possible.



Do not quit, give up, forfeit, or throw any tournament game. Always compete to win, and always strive to maintain the integrity of the tournament.  Do not skip the coin toss unless there is mutual agreement to do so.  After the game, if you lose, you must allow a reasonable amount of time for your opponent to get a save state and snap of the game summary screen.  Don't be an "asshole" in-game either, which can be defined in a variety of ways, but for now shall remain the sole discretion of the tournament director to interpret and enforce.  Remember though, in case you ever need to file a complaint, to ALWAYS RECORD... for without video proof it's far less likely any action will be taken on your behalf.



No collusion between owners.  No using turbo.  No using the play-picking program.  However, the Conditions Checker program is permissible.  If you are new and don't know about this program, you might be interested in learning more about it (allows you to see the conditions of all players, offense/defense, on both teams on a seperate side window)... it can be downloaded somewhere on this website.


CONSEQUENCES OF CHEATING: To be determined by the tournament director on a case by case basis.  Please lets not get to this point.


COMPLAINTS: If you think your opponent has broken any of the game rules or the game was unplayable due to lag or desynchs, please register your complaint with them. If a just conclusion is not reached between the two contestants, or if the violation affects the result of the game, then you may file a complaint AFTER THE GAME with the tournament director by sending him a PM.  Cases of game rule violations will be dealt with on a game-by-game basis; possible penalties may include, but are not limited to, a forced replay or forfeited win.

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Is there a history anywhere for Thunderdome? Might be cool to just have a past winners list somewhere for reference.

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2 minutes ago, 3Scene O1f Carnage3 said:

Is there a history anywhere for Thunderdome? Might be cool to just have a past winners list somewhere for reference.

At some point it should be moved to the online tournament forum.


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3 hours ago, regulator088 said:

Ewww a SEA/NE Championship

That would have been my go-to for our match in Iowa and was hoping for that chance, but the dice roll didn't work out as I had planned haha.

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