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Field Map spreadsheet with transparent overalay

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I tried to improve on Carthers field map with this spreadsheet. THere are two levels of pointers.


The first level at 0x2c348 break the field down into 4 yard slices. It also includes almost another whole fields worth of crowd that never gets seen unless the game glitches. They point to a section at 


0x2c478. Here the 4 yard slices are broken down and into 4 tile x 4 tile META-TILES. The field including the crowd is 6 META-TILES high. Each of these metatiles point to a section starting at 


0x2c590 Each meta tile contains 17 bytes


Example meta tile 0 =

$A8,                     (Sets the pallete to use in each 2x2 subection of the 4x4 tile) 

See this link for reference http://wiki.nesdev.com/w/index.php/PPU_attribute_tables


$04,$05,$08,$09, (top row of tiles)

$06,$07,$0A,$0B, (next row)


$52,$4C,$4C,$4C  (bottom row)


This spreadsheet make this data a bit more easy to see and understand. 






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