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War Machine

Thunderdome VIII Sign Ups! (Tourney is FULL, Alternate sign ups continue)

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Welcome to the Thunderdome sign up thread!  The Tecmo world's biggest online tournament.  For those that missed the tournament trailer, check it out below.  If you are on the fence, I hope that can twist your arm a bit.  Tournament details and sign up information is below the trailer. 





Thunderdome VIII


When:  1/13-2/14 (~1 game a week).  This could change due to number of participants. NOTE: This tournament will end one week before Madison.  That was the goal.  To build some momentum for the winner and give people some OG reps.  I know some people like to take time off from online play to prep.  Depending on participants left in tourney, end date may change.  I am flexible.



Format:  OG ROM Single Elimination tournament (NCAA Tourney Style).  No matchup calling.  Each round of tournament will have a tier of teams for selection.  Official rules for details on tiers, team selection process, and game rules will be posted in the coming days.  Rules will be very similar to previous Thunderdome tournaments with possibly some minor tweaks.  See here for info on last years tournament:  http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/63773-thunder-dome-vii-recaps/


Participants:  Minimum- 16, Maximum- 48 (updated 12/26 to 48 max entrants)

ROM:  TPC_TSB no hacks

Extra curriculars:  Predictions, videos, bracket previews, and possibly another fun element will be part of this tournament.

Entry Fee:  FREE

Prizes:  TBD (I will have some goodies…I hope)


Sign up deadline:  1/6 11:00 PM EST



If you would like to sign up, please respond in this thread with the following information:


  • AIM/Discord Handle: 
  • Can you Host?  If only through himachi, then please answer no.
  • Preferred method of contact for games.    (AIM, Discord, email, forums, PM, text, etc)
  • What's your location/timezone? 



Participant List:

1.  War Machine

2.  Manyo

3.  Regulator

4.  Carnage/DeDynasty

5.  ziur

6.  Basement

7.  8-bit

8.  Oklahoma


10.  Justin Peters

11.  VikingMoe

12.  BradBears

13.  daboy8821

14.  D.T.

15.  von_dutcharama (natten)

16.  toolie

17.  diazzhole

18.  coconuts0622

19.  Kamphuna8

20.  Drake

21.  jessebaran (mightybombjack)

22.  Ryan11p

23.  storksdaman

24.  hoffnasty9

25.  adversity

26.  JEvans87

27.  duecel00se

28.  rockman987

29.  N00BTecmo89

30.  ChaosConffetti

31.  purplehaze

32.  flash80

33.  clarkham

34.  Tecmo Psycho

35.  Neerrm

36.  Mrsdzruy65

37.  Gamehigh

38.  Nos 

39.  JFagundes04

40.  tdfreddie

41.  meat

42.  player121xk

43.  Gripsmoke

44.  arncoem

45.  Gonickmontana

46.  Amellowdudde

47.  BigHock4you18

48.  Prime



49.  Ickey123

50.  bruddog


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AIM- Dynastydegeorge/ 3Scene O1f Carnage3 (Same name just appears as the Carnage name)

Yes I can host

Contact through AIM, email, PM, text.

Location/ Time zone---- EST/ Pennsyltucky

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count me in on the tourney... and many more in the future.


AIM/Discord Handle: mighty bombjack

  • Can you Host?  NO
  • Preferred method of contact for games.    AIM
  • What's your location/timezone?  Pacific

Beyond Thunderdome... 2 men enter!, one man leaves!



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