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Signups / Returning Owners for Next Season (1974)

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Please post here if you would like to be considered for a spot in the league for the 1974 season or, if you are a current owner, please post your intentions of staying (or not) in the league.  The 1973 regular season ends at the end of December 23 and nothing timed (in terms of off-season) will begin until after the new year.  Next season will see the introduction of regular-season overtime, so we will see a huge reduction in ties.


If you have team preferences, please state them here as well.  Current owners will have priority on their current team.


Teams with current owners listed:  Green = Returning, Red = Not Returning


BAL - vacant

MIA - kamphuna

NE - Dukesta

BUF - hoffnasty

JETS - vacant


PIT - WarMachine


HOU - natten

CLE - TimBone


KC - manyo

SD - cottonsoy

DEN - VG (Prime)

OAK - ryan11p



DAL - jesus

S.L. - Carnage (moving to GIA)

PHI - johnnyevans

WAS - vacant


GB - LuckyTool

CHI - bradbears

DET - ziur

MIN - drake



NO - Nos

ATL - Kweh

RAMS - bighock


New Sign-ups


suicideking (HOU)

tsbrmm  (SF)


Current owner vacancies: 3

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1 hour ago, justinpeters51 said:

If there is a spot open I would love to join. No preference on team, ill take whoever.


Excellent! We'll nail down a team once everyone has responded.  Glad to have you in the league.

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