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Games with Houston (natten49)

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lol, 2 weeks eh?  One time you've contacted me on Nov 20th at 5:30pm pst....you know, when I am at work for the last 4 years on every fucking tues-thurs week night.  I post the same scheduling reply to your posts here every time BEGGING for a time frame that works for you.


never ever ever do you reply with something constructive like "hey im off monday maybe around 5pm-6pm est I'll be on.  No instead I get a message at 10:33 am......When if you read any of the 10 million scheduling posts Ive made in every league Ive ever been in....IM A SLEEP! why you were getting your beauty rest I was busting my ass off working graveyard.  When you just get up and message me at 10am your time, I just went to bed.  Of course 2 hours later when you ask again, Im still not on...I just had my first REM sleep cycle.


This shit drives me nuts, I give specific days and times I can play for 3-4 days and it works across multiple weeks.  But never do I get a reply, yeah lets actually try and schedule something.  You can just pop on once or twice a week, message me and then call me a flake.  Scheduling is a two way street, I have a different life style than most of you guys do as I work nights and am on westcoast.  I try and accommodate this the best I can by giving days I know I have blocks of time available.  Its not my fault you ignore those replys for weeks then call me the flake for not being on aim conveniently when you are that one time.  Fuck tell me in advance you were going to be on Saturday at 10:33am and I would have stayed up and been there. But no, no advance scheduling at all.  Reread every post/aim message youve sent me there is not one time you ever give me that works for you.  I give you blocks of 3-4 hrs on multiple days. 


I'm done with the constant guilt trips like Im so horribly ignoring you.  I'm stepping down from Houston the next guy hopefully will be by AIM everytime you conveniently are so you dont have to be "ignored" so badly by me. 

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I'm sorry you feel that way man and I politely disagree with your "10 million posts."  I saw one post on Wednesday this week.  I even went through the availability forum  to see if there was something I missed from weeks/months ago... NADA.  I've been sending messages via AIM since before Thanksgiving.  I saw the Saturday availability, so I sent a message a bit earlier than your availability to let you know I had time for a game.  And I completely get it being busy, I am too.  I teach 9 hours a day, coach a sport after school for another 2 hours, take care of my family, grade papers from home, etc yet I still have 30 seconds to communicate with other owners about games I have with them:





http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/67098-games-with-bradbears-jfag-toolie-nos/ -


So you're saying I don't post on the boards?  No times?  No availability?  C'mon man...   :(


I'm not asking you to accommodate every post/time that I'm available to play, but I am asking that at least you communicate more than once if our times don't work out initially.  It's really not too much to ask.  You can easily post during the hours you're awake.  I hope you reconsider bailing on the Oilers, but if not, maybe you're right that you don't have the time to play.  I'm just trying to get games in before deadlines start having an effect on me due to people not responding just like everyone else is.  Like I tell my students at school, it's never personal, but a spade is a spade which is the honest truth.

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