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HSTL Champions

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Championship recaps


Thanks to Kamp & MRTSB





Bruddog (6) S3,S7,S11,S12,S18,S35 

joeygats(6) S24, S29, S33, S36, S38, S40
Regulator(4) S20,S23, S30, S31

LuckyTool(3) S25, S26, S27

Soby (3) S8,S9,S15

Single winners
Joser S1
Tecmotimes S2
rdleifriaf S5
Monkeybutlerx S6
Edgefan S10
Ranator S13
Lefty S14
MikeyScull S16
ODelle S17
Daboy S19
TecmoPSycho S21
Johhny Mx S22
Cubanrocks S28
Manyo S32
VikingMoe S34
discdolo S38

Nos S39


Season 40

gats KC


Season 39

nos NO


Season 38

gats RAM


Season 37

discdolo NYG


Season 36

gats MIA 


Season 35

bruddog SF 


Season 34

vikingmoe ATL. 


Season 33

joeygats CHI


Season 32

manyo WAS


Season 31

Regulator PIT


Season 30

Regulator PIT


Season 29

joeygats N.E. 


Season 28

cubanrocks CIN


Season 27

LuckyTool CHI


Season 26

LuckyTool NYG


Season 25

LuckyTool NYG


Season 24

joeygats CHI


Season 23

Regulator S.F


Season 22

johny_mx CHI


Season 21

Tecmo Psycho IND.


Season 20

Regulator K.C.


Season 19

daboy DAL.


Season 18

Bruddog DEN


Season 17

Odell - DET


Season 16



Season 15



Season 14



Season 13

ranatoro NYG


Season 12

bruddog SF


Season 11

bruddog SF


Season 10



Season 9

soby GB


Season 8

soby GB


Season 7

bruddog SF


Season 6

Monkeybutlerx DEN


Season 5

rdleifriaf HOU


Season 4



Season 3

bruddog SF


Season 2



Season 1

Joser S.D. Chargers








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HSTL is very rich in history and I'm a history guy, went to school for it, its just who I am. So with that said I wanted two things # 1. I wanted an easy way to see all the champions, # 2. I wanted to finish the list with the help of the community. HSTL has been a premier league for a very long time, winning it is definitely a big deal and should be easily viewed and admired ;)


Kamp showed me the post that is linked above but a couple list isn't a bad option, if anyone knows the teams these champions used let me know

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