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    • By SirTed
      That's right! 
      A new, kinda crappy show, dedicated to your favorite online activity and all your favorite and least favorite people!
      I've been kinda daydreaming about doing something like this ever since the league seemed to hit a real low there for a minute. I mentioned it to Player121, and he felt the same way, so we kinda started spit balling an idea, and that idea turned into this show. We wanted to do something to try to bring the fun back into this game, and this league. For me personally, nothing does that better than talking Tecmo. So, that's what we're gonna do. 
      The biggest thing on the agenda for me is getting to know all the little pockets of Tecmo out there. We all know how we got into Tecmo, and HSTL ourselves, but I'm fascinated by how it happened for everyone else. So, a get to know HSTL will be an ongoing feature.
      I'm hoping to eventually get to a place where I can get "guests" on, we can talk Tecmo in general, and do a better job of being topical to what's actually happening in the league. So, keep in mind that this is the first episode, and hopefully moving forward I'll do a much better job with that.
      I want "the show" to be a very conversational thing, with very little formality, so to any one potentially interested in coming on, please know that it's a very relaxed thing. 
      I ran into a bunch of production delays putting this all together, hence how late this thing is (the season had only barely started when we recorded - Gats and Regs were both still in)
      Also, as I'm a complete amateur, I had some problems with my own audio levels in the interview, so sorry about that in advance.
      I think a lot of the problems had to do with getting the first episode out, and going forward, it shouldn't take me as long. 
      Anyway, listen and I hope you enjoy - and hey, if you're at all interested, hit me up, I'll get you on the show. Let's have some fun!
      Please feel free to comment and criticize. More than anything, I just want people to be engaged. 

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