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War Machine

1973 Pittsburgh Steelers Preview

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Really enjoying the previews gentlemen.  


It’s only fitting that the team of the 70’s has been one of the most successful franchises in the HSRL.  Playoff appearances in every season (2 division titles, one wild card berth) and the all important Super Bowl ring in 1971 has set high expectations.  This season will have a different feel as division rival Cincinnati lost perennial contender Diaz to retirement.  On the surface, it would seem the Steelers should continue their Central dominance, but there has been an infusion of talent into this division which should again be one of the top divisions in the league.


Offense Review

The Steelers have taken a different approach this season and built a mediocre unit led by the legs of their QB Bobby Douglass.  He is the ultimate weapon with his 38MS but needs to proceed with caution throwing the ball as early preseason efforts have been dismal. 


At RB/WT, the Steelers have hoarded 44 MS players all over the place.  Leading the way is 50MS Chuck Foreman but the rest of their RB stable consists of 44MS RB’s who can be rotated in and out depending on conditions.  At WT, there are four 44MS receivers which gives the Steelers a grand total of 7 44MS players with their lone 50MS RB.  Flexibility and versatility will be at the Steelers disposal but expect long boring drives and low scoring games from this group. 


Defense Review

First round pick LB Al Atkinson is a one man defense.  56RP speed with 63 INT at LB4 should be able to handle the majority of the work against most playbooks.  The other LB’s are piss poor and lack HP but their secondary provides some HP to carry the load.  There are two man defenders in the secondary 44Rp-63INT and 44RP-56 INT so there is additional flexibility if they need it.  Not a sexy group but should be enough to get the job done. 


Division quick hits:

Bengals:  Exit Diaz and enter DT.  .  I’ve heard whispers and checked the tournament circuit and know that the man DT, is a pretty good player.  He is new to the online scene so we will see if he can adjust to the nuiances of online play.  A great running game with some hogs to pave the way will be his calling card it appears.  I have high expectations and expect a solid season from DT’s Bengals.


Oilers:  JFag brings stability as the lone returning owner .  JFag brings Super Bowl experience and is always a tough game for me.  We always seem to split games and theyre usually pretty close including our Super Bowl matchup.  Offense has weapons and their triplets will be tough to stop.


Browns:  Timbone is giving HSRL another shot and hasn’t been able to complete any season to date.  Havent had much experience playing with him but he brings a very good defense to the table.  Elite DL, solid LB’s, and a hard hitting and fast secondary. We'll see if Timbone can make it through the season and make a run at the division.



I expect a wild card berth at the minimum for the Steelers and anything less will be a disappointment.  Gun to my head, I will pick JFag to win the division but I have sneaking suspicion that DT will make a run of it. Dont forget bout timbone though....


GL AFC Central!

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