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Call for New League Owners to Start 1973

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Calling all Tecmoers.  We are finishing up the draft for the 1973 season of the High Speed Retro League.  Currently we have four teams that were drafted but do not have owners.  If you are interested in joining the league, you'll be able to take over a pre-drafted team at the start of the season.  Think of this league as HSTL with players that evolve from year to year; some get better, some get worse, some retire, and rookies enter each year.  We redraft the entire roster every year (this is a non-dynasty league). 


Current players and teams may be viewed on this Google document.  The teams that currently do not have owners are Baltimore, New York Jets, Washington, and Philadelphia.  Please contact me if you are interested and we'll have an "interview."  You'd be under no obligation to stay longer than one season, so if you're interested in giving the league a try this is a great time to get in and play some old-school Tecmo.  Hit me up here or on AIM (LuckyTool).

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