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COM punt timing

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I'm trying to make COM always punt between 75-100%. (Or something like that.) According to this, xE6 is the command for punt, so I figured there would be a "punt play" and that I could change the timing, like on pass play. Been searching around the play locations. No luck, though.


Has this been done before, or is there a hack that accomplish this? If so I'd be happy to know.

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0x4C2493      ;  Jumps to final COM random punt loop. In the OG rom this final loop makes sure the bar is at least half full. 



0x1F              ; Random value. If you make this zero com will always punt at the same length. Only use values like 0x0F, 0x1F, 0x3F. With 1F and 3F sometimes the com will let the punt bar go through once but mostly it will go on the first cycle. Basically this effects how long the com will hold the ball before punting. 



40                ; Check value for bar length ~77%. Max bar is ~ 0x5E 

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in my never ending quest to catalog SET commands, here's what to copy and paste into TSBTool:


#Better COM punt timing


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