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If You Win, Are You Doing Your Game Recaps?

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I think they show engagement and are a great read.  They only take a few minutes.  EVERYONE has time to do recaps.  If you win your game, do a recap.  You are also welcome to link the box score and post a YouTube link like I do.


Here is a great example of going above and beyond!




On 10/3/2015 at 9:16 PM, drake said:

The Anderson Bowl




Pretty good back and forth battle with some breaks on both sides that led to scores.




Q1 Bengals receive and BJ opens the season in BJ fashion, throwing an INT on his first toss to Carnell Lake.  After some shucking and jiving Gary Anderson scores on the short field, 7-0 Rams.




Bengals come back on the next drive, mixing up a few short passes and a counter TD from the other Anderson. 7-7




Rams get a key 4th down conversion and are able to mix up some passes, but G. Anderson finishes the drive once more, 14-7.




Bengals have enough time in the half to tie it at 14-14 after BJ scrambles for the endzone.




I thought going into the half with a tie was acceptable given the start, but with time left for just one play, DeBerg connects on a long JJ to Duncan, who proceeds to shake off Hendrix. Oi. Rams make it 21-14 before the half...feck!




Rams looking good to start the 3rd, converting on another big 4th down. The lack of any semblance of MILB on the Cincy D hurting big time...but on the next play, Gary's play is picked and he coughs it up. Tippett scoops it up and after some making some popcorn, takes it to the house. All tied up! Well that sure changed things. The JJ pain is lessened.




But the Rams are not slowed down, and continue pounding the Cincy D with key grapple wins on big runs and well timed passes. In the red zone, LA looks to be ready to take the lead back, but pressure on DeBerg forces an error, and he throws a touchback pick in the end zone to Ray Horton.




Cincy is held to only a few net yards on their next few plays, highlighted by a coverage sack from Scott Davis. Their first 4th down comes up and why not, they go for it too, and convert as well. Neal puts the offense on his shoulders and is able to break another big one to get the first lead of the day for Cincy. 28-21




LA has time on the clock to tie it up. A big pass to Beebe and another to Duncan gets them back into the red zone fast, but red zone D appears to be the CIncy D's only strength and they hold on 4 downs - Hendrix batting down the 4th down pass attempt to seal the deal. 5 ticks on the clock, not wishing to fumble it away, I picked pass (shouldve just punted, won't do that again), and BJ throws a stupid, pointless INT to end the game. I admit I was nervous for a few seconds as Woodruff was returning it, but he's taken down well before the EZ.




Tough loss Ryan, your offense was killer.




Anderson recap


Gary A: 14 carries / 161yds / 2td - 1rec 20yds - 1fumble


Neal A: 9 carries / 127 yds / 2td - 1rec 0yds - 0 fumble




Box: http://onlinetecmo.com/main/dsp_recap.php?gID=13016



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I'll commit to doing a recap for all the games I win (won't be many) this season.


I don't do recaps for losses either.  I think the winner should be doing them.  I'll adjust the first post.

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