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Juicing, coverage and ultra logic? Which is best?

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OK, after a weekend league and several days of league play, several participants in my league have moaned about how "uneven" the juice ramping can be in tsb for nes. I tend to agree in places it gets rough. And it's not really a difficulty ramp , it is stat manipulation... Changing the rules in a way. So my question is, with ultra logic and coverage hacks is a lower juice number viable in a ROM? Is there any other alternative to juicing?

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one thing I keep in mind when I really want to make a tough rom is to make it tough enough where the "best" team on the rom might barely make it undefeated.  or -when I try to make a tough rom, you better expect to lose a few/half games if you're using a bad team.


the ultra logic can be really good.  one thing I did with it was make the COM call pass plays a lot.


a certain amount of COM juice is kind of necessary, in my opinion.  the defense can get so damn fast that it can get frustrating.  but I usually don't have problem with a fast COM offense - it doesn't bother me.


the COM "mojo" (or I believe you're referring to it as "coverage") - is a personal taste.  it gets kind of old having *maybe one WR open on every single pass play - and it can be real tough to run the ball with a slow/average RB.


anyways, I think that all 3 of these tactics/hacks should be used, if possible - but there must be careful consideration of "juice" (mostly not making COM defense too fast, in my opinion) if blending these.


BUT, I know what you're saying, there's really no easy way to make COM play "like a MAN" - the only way is the old-fashioned "COM cheats!!!"  so to finally answer your question -  yes, if you're using ultra logic, or mojo hacks, you might want to reduce or level off the juice...maybe find a level that's tough and leave it all set to be the same every game?  only play testing will help you decide what levels are good.

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