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NFC Div Round: Phi @ SF

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This game had to be played in 2 parts with a disconnect coming late in the 4th quarter.


Phi entered the game knowing they would need a turnover on defense to match the RiceBerg attack of SF.


Phi kicks off and the first play? of the game Deberg connects with Rice over Cliftons non existant body for a quick 7-0 lead.


Phi responded with a 2 play 80 yard TD drive of their own consisting of 2 rushed from thurmal up the middle 7-7.


Phi D comes up with an INT on the next SF possession, only to give it righhhht back on an INT of their own.


Deberg connects with rice on another long ball, but this time Jarvis is their to meet him at the goaline, and causes Jerry to fumble. Phi is able to recover and kick the go ahead FG to take a 10-7 lead into the half.


Phi gets the ball and put it in the zone right away for a 17-7 lead. SF answers the bell with a 100+ yard KR for a TD. 17-14


Phi wastes no time again to put it right back in the zone to retake the lead 24-14..... enter twilight zone of 2 different results of the same play. Bru and I disconnect and on my screen a 80 yard JJ TD occurs and on his screen it's 2nd and 10. After some deliberation, we both offer the others scenario as sportsmen would. We end up rolling with the 24-21 scenario and SF kicking off with 2:26 left in the game.


SF onsides and thurmal picks it up.... instantly I have flashbacks of how I lost last season in the HSTL playoffs to Dukesta in the SAME EXACT SET-UP. This time I don't fiddle fart around and try to house it. I get to the 30 and get tackled. 2 passes and a run later Thurman punches in the nail in the coffin on a 20 yard TD scamper giving you your final..... 31-21 Phi


GG Bru and GL next season


I attached the state of the reconnect.... bru will attach the state from our 3 1/2 qtrs..... all were missing is a 80 yard catch from Jerry for a TD, so if that can be added and the states put together, the game is complete. Thanks!


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Here is the state from the first 3 qtrs until it desynced. 





GG man you got the revenge in our rematch winning the turnover battle.  81BC jerry cmon man! I needed a bogus official review to overturn the fumble like in the game vs GB with OWens catch. Unfortunately no such option exists in tecmo.  :razz:


That was my 2nd fumble all season. Worst possible time. And only my 4th pick the RNG came up snake eyes with a 4% chance for an int. 


Condition wise neither team had any edges. Deberg in bad in the 3rd was the only noteable i remember


I-form mostly crushed me as i moved joyner...bad idea. I gave up 30 yd runs to prevent td's.

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