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Week 7: MIN @ GB

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Laggy game at Lambeau as I seem to be having connection issues but we were able to connect with Hamachi. 


Packers receive and after a long Marv run, Carter finds Jim Mitchell with a step on the defender...




He didn't; 7-0 Pack. Vikings move the ball but the drive stalls, and Roy Gerela boots one through (Ron A. Johnson goes down on the drive).  Pack get a score on a Hubbard run to go up 14-3, then Bradshaw finds Larry Brunson for a JJ TD at the buzzer.  14-10 Pack at the break. 


Vikings are driving but turn it over on downs.  Marv immediately fumbles it back to the Vikings, and Bradshaw is able to find Frank Pitts for a TD to give Minny a 17-14 lead.  Ray Perkins busts off a huge return to end the third quarter, then Marv gets the Packers the lead back.  Bradshaw has an open Pitts but can't connect on the cross-field pass, setting up a 4th and short.  Packers get the play call for the stop and are able to run out the clock.






GG Drake, see you later for round 2.  GLTRW!

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