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Seoul, South Korea - 09/06/15 - All Korea Championship

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Tecmo Super Bowl All-Korea Championship!!! 


-= SIgn-up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/887454631339126/=-




1. The 8 players will be divided into 2 separate divisions at random, and round robin play will commence. The top three teams from each division will advance to the playoffs. Any ties will be broken based on the result of the games between the tied teams. If the teams are still tied, then the next tiebreaker is points scored in group play, then a coin flip.

2. The two division winners will be given byes for the first round of the playoffs.

3. The playoffs will progress as a single elimination tournament.


The tournament will be played on a Playstation 3 with a NES emulator installed, using PS3

Sixaxis controllers. X corresponds to A on the NES controller, while corresponds to B.


1. The winner of the coin toss chooses the two teams for the matchup. (either by himself or by rolling dice). The other player then chooses either his team or his controller. The winner then chooses the last option available.

2. Players must use the default playbook of the team they have chosen (to save time).

3. Skipping the coin toss and halftime are allowed.

4. No Lurching – (If you don’t know what a lurch is, see this video


Lurching will result in disqualification from the tournament.

5. Use of a WR in a RB slot is not allowed.

Eugene Hwang is the ultimate authority in the tournament. He will call the matchups, toss the coins,

calculate and seed the playoff teams and settle disputes. For games that he is involved in, someone

else will watch for lurching.


1. A1 vs A4

2. B1 vs B4

3. A2 vs A3

4. B2 vs B3

5. A1 vs A3

6. B1 vs B3

7. A2 vs A4

8. B2 vs B4

9. A1 vs A2

10. B1 vs B2

11. A3 vs A4

12. B1 vs B4

13. B2nd vs A3rd

14. A2nd vs B3rd

15. A1st vs winner13

16. B1st vs winner14

17. Winner 15 vs Winner 16


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I am certain anyone who frequents this forum would have won this event. I'm just a casual player and I came in second 3 years in a row. I also beat the guys who won it all in the round robin stage.

It's kinda hard to find great competition when only 3-6 people in the whole country can be bothered to participate... and maybe 100 total have even heard of the game.

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