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(SNES) TSB Convergence

Baron von Lector

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File Name: TSB Convergence

File Submitter: Baron von Lector

File Submitted: 11 Aug 2015

File Category: SNES


In the year 2070, the supreme emperor of the NFL Universe, Jerry Jones, traveled through time and space and started collecting football teams from various timelines and kept them stored safely inside of unbreakable snow globes. After his collection had grown to immense proportions, he released the teams onto a football field that was locked away in a completely different timeline to see what would happen. Emperor Jerry was embarking on his very own live-action game of Fantasy Football.


Looking past the dramatic presentation, this is a ROM modification of Tecmo Super Bowl III for the SNES featuring the rosters of the greatest teams of each team's history. This isn't an All-Star game where Terry Bradshaw will throw touchdown passes to Hines Ward, but it is a hypothetical "what if" game where you can see who would win if the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers were to ever take the field against the 1989 San Francisco 49ers or the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins against the undefeated 2007 New England Patriots.


According to some random guy on Twitter, this is the most important modification in the history of Tecmo Bowl!







Click here to download this file

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