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Bad Moon Rison

New York, NY - 10/17/15 - The New York Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament 2015

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Tournament photos!  Post your recaps here; I'll post my recap shortly.


Thanks to everyone for participating, and an extra special thanks to those who helped set up and break down after the tourney!


Photos are courtesy of Tony Le Photographyhttp://www.northeast...rk-city/photos/





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Special shoutout to Tecmobowl.org members who participated:


arncoem (Erik)

Bad Moon Rison (Brian)

DT. (David T)

dwightstone (Brad)

hoigaard (Ryan)

MattyD (Matt)

mighty914 (Derek T)

oklahoma (Bo)

powerade (Jim)

red98sethuthut (Lou)

stalltalk (Shawn)

tecmo_ninja (Chris H)

TecmoPsycho (Derek R)

TecSpectre (Ray)


I think that's all of 'em :)

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Well. Shawn and I left around 8:45 a.m. from PA and had probably one of our easiest rides to the city in the now 4 years we have gone. I was excited all week to finally meet Chris Hendershot along with Derek Ruble and Dolan (his son). This is probably for myself the first real interaction with someone from another area of Tecmo from across the country.


To begin things-- Immediately soon as I walked through the door winning the past two years I knew I was going to be gunned for. I was told about 5 times I had a target on my back. But, it was making me laugh. I was telling everyone "the first year I probably was heavily cheered for, 2nd year it was probably 50-50, and this year I think I have about two people cheering for me."


I was in the Esiason group. Played a bunch of cool guys: Jim, Dave, Scott and Anthony. Scott I have spoken to for years at the tournaments; along with Anthony, but never played the two of them. They are both extremely cool guys. Jim I actually met in the parking lot walking in  and he was a newer guy. He caught my eye being a Giants fan, because he had a Mark Bavaro jersey. So, we spoke immediately due to both of us being real-life Giants fans. Dave is known as Ballaneous assault online years back. Cool guy. Fun to talk to.


For the raffle----I went balls in for 1 ticket on the Bo Jackson signed Tecmo Super Bowl cartridge ....was off by 3 numbers on the last number. Thought I was going to pull off a miracle. No dice.



During my wait I was pretty much cheering on Dolan. I think we all were. He won his first bracket play game and went into the second game only losing 10-7 in a falcons- Miami match up. And, Dolan was the Falcons. The true fan favorite. After it was good to see him having a good time and playing ping pong with the guys who were in the other section of the bar. Go Dolan. You da man.



Sweet 16---I played Derek T. who I have played once before and he is a local guy and pretty tough competitor. I was able to do well in that match up to advance from the sweet 16 to elite 8. The bracket I was in---I knew I was going to either have to face potentially: Louis, Erik and Shawn. All guys who I think I have played and wanted to seek revenge for so long on me for the past two years due to how our games turned out. So, I felt like getting to the final was going to def. be a challenge, and it was. 


Elite 8---Then I played Erik Merliss (arncoem) Erik and I always joke, because we played each other so much and went into that 4 OT game back in 2012. As always---great playing him. But, somehow our paths always meet. He called a Bengals-Oilers matchup. We were sitting at my group TV (Esiason) And that was my reasoning for choosing to be the Bengals. Erik went up 13-0 and we went into the 4th quarter. I was able to get a TD in the 4th to make it 13-7. I also missed a 34 yd FG earlier in the game which was crucial. 13-7 with 1:30 to go and i needed an onsides kick---I recovered it. At this point I knew Erik was thinking "Fuck. not this shit again." But, he was in my head all game. Called a lot of my plays. And, he called 3 plays to end the game. Before the game I said to some people "Today is probably the day Erik is going to beat me---he has been due." And it happened. Probably not the best attitude to have going in for me. But, it turned out to be true. One last heave to the end zone at end of regulation and the game was 20-7 final. My first loss since 2012  (no one feels bad, I know).  All good things must end at some point.


But, not all was lost after that. I got to do something I wasn't able to do really the past two years---hang out and talk to some people. The Mets game was going on (I am a Yankees fan and kinda am rooting for the Cubs to win LOL) But, it was cool to see such a huge crowd supporting the team. The bar was packed and there was so much energy going on with the tournament and the playoff game. I spent some time also helping carrying out some TV's.



Derek and Shawn made the finals and it was fun to watch. Same match up was chosen the year prior by me when I faced Erik (Browns vs Steelers) Good Match up IMO. Close game. 14-9 final as Derek takes it. Both played very well as expected.



Overall, it was a good tournament. I don't have much to compare it to since I have only been to 2 others in the northeast, but I had a fun time as usual. Shawn and I met with some friends later that night who live in Astoria. It took us 1 hour to find a parking spot afterwards.



Getting to meet Chris H. and Derek R. was awesome. I can't say enough good things about the two of them.  I am glad I got to meet the both of you guys finally in person. And, I hope you guys enjoyed the trip out here. Hopefully it will open the door for other guys from different parts to go to this tournament as well. I am hoping to get to the Madison/Midwest one in the future and hopefully we shall meet again.


Congrats to Derek as the new champion of NYC. He was well deserving of the victory and I am happy he was able to spend valuable time with his son sight seeing, winning some raffles and stringing together a nice tournament run. Also having a hobby that was able to bring him together with some of us from another part of the country.I hope everything goes well for ya back home, Derek. Life could be hard sometimes, but you just gotta believe that things will get better. I believe they will  :cool:


And Congrats to Chris H. for probably consuming 40 pounds of pizza and setting a Guinness world record  for how much pizza can be consumed in a two day span. You are the true hero. 



Quick hits:


Ryan Krebs---Ya gotta come back and play!


No Matt Bird & Pete Dorsey=== a sad Matt DeGeorge. Wasn't the same without you guys.




Til next time when Spectre, Oklahoma, Stalltalk and myself take Bo's shaggin wagon to CT in December. ;-)

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Great write up Matty!  The match vs. Erik was inevitable.


And Congrats to Chris H. for probably consuming 40 pounds of pizza and setting a Guinness world record  for how much pizza can be consumed in a two day span. You are the true hero.


I'm starting to think this is the real reason he came to NYC.  :D


Ninja, I have your armband, you left it at the bar, so now I will learn all your secrets!

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Awesome write up! The zip tie story made me laugh. I have forgotten my belt so many times and have done the same thing (except I didn't know you could do that with zip ties LOL). Once again- I am so glad to have met you in person and talk to ya. Wish we could have had more time as well. But, our paths shall hopefully meet again I am sure. Glad you got to enjoy the scenery of where Shawn, and I live. One of the many reason why I love the Fall in the northeast. Congrats once again, and take care. Next time you pass through Stroudsburg/Tannersville---give me a call! We will go out for some grub. 

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Matty D and Derek -awesome write ups!


Ryan and to your girlfriend (sorry I forgot her name) - Thanks for all the extra side work you guys did, helped a lot and helped run a good tourney.


Brian - HUGE THANK YOU!!!!   As always, thank you thank you thank you! Tourney was a great day. Anthony said on the way home, how we look forward to this every year and it's always fun but wow the day flys by so fast which is so true.


The talent level has increased across the board, it's like 10-12 guys who have a shot to win it all. But that of course was before Derek (tecmopsycho) made in presence known, he stayed hot and was clicking all day. Congrats to him, he earned it and is very damn good at tecmo, especially DEFENSE!!!

-sidenote: props to Derek for his awesome son and for being both incredibly humble and a very down to earth great guy.



A few sidenotes:

-somehow I won 5 coin tosses in a row

-saw a few Giants-Oilers matchups and multiple other games with the Oilers

-didn't see many Redskins-Vikings or Dolphins-Cheifs which are very popular matchups, or many Vikings at all. I think Brian looked it up and the Vikings went 2-13 last year haha, wonder if any teams didn't show well again this year?

-saw way too many games with the Steelers involved haha

-Brad T. with a long late run again!!!

-Anthony M. continues to draw tough matchups in the bracket, Chris Hendershot who is clearly a good good player went 1-3 in pool play somehow and won with TWO blocked extra points!!!

-LOUDEST POP FROM THE CROWD: Jon B. down 7 vs Derek(tecmopsycho), Jon hitting the JJ on the last play of the game but Fryar came down on the 1 yard line and was tackled

-amazing how good the raffles are and how much better they get year after year

-Brian alerted me to the fact I've beaten him 3 times in tourneys now, no idea how haha

-Erik picked a Cincy-Oilers matchup!!!  That surprised me bigtime haha

-that bar is not equipped for us at all haha and the food, ehhhh, just okay but the space is great to have all that room

-while Matty D didn't make the run for the 3rd straight title, he did get an onside kick and had a shot for a JJ for the tie but it wasn't meant to be. Can't beleive he got an onside kick!!! haha




Always a good time seeing the tecmo community and seeing a lot of regular faces: Louis, Matt, Shawn, Erik, Patrick, Brian, Ryan, Scott, Dan from CT (lucky basterd went to the Mets game that night)

----missed some regulars in Kevin, Pete and Mort....but CT TECMO is right around the corner!!!!

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Ryan and to your girlfriend (sorry I forgot her name) - Thanks for all the extra side work you guys did, helped a lot and helped run a good tourney.




Ideally my wife doesn't find out I spent Tecmo Saturday with my girlfriend, but luckily Valerie's the same person :-) ... And we're glad we could help, we both love this tourney. This is why I retired from competitive tournament play (I filled in as a last-second replacement so we didn't have to reconfigure the entire bracket, but I'm definitely done after this one)- I love the atmosphere, the organizing, the people, and game-watching that Tecmo tourneys provide. I'm past my playing days, though. I have twice as much fun doing the non-playing stuff at this point (deal with, Matty D!).


Great writeup as well, Psycho! I think every single tournament I've ever played in and was mentioned in a recap has called me Ryan "H" (it's K). Very likely because of my Hoigaard handle. Ain't mad about it! Long live Hoigaard. Glad you and Dolan were able to spend some time in our fair city. Dolan's an awesome kid and we all had a ton of fun rooting for him all day. As I mentioned on the @NYTecmo twitter account that day, the kid's a sleeping giant in the Tecmo world. By the time he hits his teens and gets a full grasp on the game, we're going to see a handful of Dolan/Derek championship games across the country.

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