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(NES) Bad News Baseball: Under The Lights


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File Name: Bad News Baseball: Under The Lights

File Submitter: wilef

File Submitted: 31 Jul 2015

File Category: NES

This is a 'night mode' hack of Bad News Baseball. No player data has been edited, so it is a true BNB playing experience with only graphical enhancements. MLB plays over 2/3 of its games at night, so this hack reflects today's play better than the original. The muted colors are also easier on the eyes as the original plays especially bright on computer monitors (grass is bright neon green and dirt is bright orange). Other changes include updated title screen (would still like to hack it with the subtitle included 'Under the Lights'), updated logos to better reflect real MLB teams, updated team colors to better reflect today's uniforms, and many more things I'm forgetting. This also includes the hack enabling Girl Mode easier (just hit select on 1st player controller).

Click here to download this file

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Hi! I started modding BNB so it contains local high school teams in my area. It is coming along well, but I want to change to title screen text at the bottom and I can't figure out how to do it. I tried importing a text table but that didn't help me find the code. Can you give me some guidance on this?

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Cracking the ROM open with FCEUX's hex-editor, it looks like the text at the bottom of the screen uses a bunch of random sprite tiles to generate the text.  If I was in the business of modding Bad News Baseball (hmmm...), I would open up the ROM in TileLayerPro and change those particular tiles to letters that you plan on using on the title screen.  I'm assuming/hoping those particular tiles aren't used anywhere else in the ROM so as not to cause trouble, elsewhere.


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1 hour ago, VertigoKeyz said:

I finally figured it out. Once you create a table and import it, you can find the text. The trick is that it is broken up into 4 character segments. Here is a color coded pic of the deciphing...



I applaud you for doing research and not waiting for one of our own to do it for you. You've got a good hacking future.

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