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Tecmo Super Bowl 25th Anniversary Edition

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On 11/26/2015, 9:32:13, Tecmo Psycho said:



AGAIN, career statistics are not the only factor in determining who made it.  That information will only be given to the 25 people who will own the game.


Steve Christie played one season with the Bucs.  Kevin Butler and Robbie Gould are by far and away the only kickers in the conversation for Chicago.


I said I would not refer to players other than the orginal and I am sticking to that, but you are forgetting contributions of players toward multiple teams in their careers and their standing in those other franchises.


Ok. Just so we're clear. There is a secret formula that 26 people will know when this comes out? Career stats aren't the only factor, cool. So Butler is too beloved in Chicago to keep out your homeboy...right? I lova da Fuada, so I'm gucci with that, but my friends that are 35+ hate Kevin Butler, and hate his Mother, too. And that last paragraph is just a mess. I mean, why was Gould brought up simultaneously before and after you saying we were only rapping about OG guys? This whole contest makes me anxious. I still vote for Haddix, bt dubs.

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Happy Birthday Tecmo Super Bowl


What better way to release the final Fan Input Poll: Fan Favorites


"Fan Favorites" will feature six polls for fans of the game to "save" an original Tecmo Super Bowl ('91) player that did not make the 25th Anniversary cut. Each poll will be done by the 1991 AFC and NFC divisions (AFC East, AFC Central, AFC West, NFC East, NFC Central, and NFC West).

A list of the of the original Tecmo Super Bowl ('91) players who made the 25th Anniversary ROM will be listed in the polls. If one of you favorite players didn't make the cut, you can cast a vote to save him.


The players from each of the six divisions who are saved by the community will be featured in the game as a special type of player with an incredible attribute (IE: Lonnie Young RS).  The final group is the NFC West.  Who would you save that is not on the list below?


Voting rules:
1. Comment for your vote.
2. You can only vote one time.
3. No editing votes.
4. You have to choose between offense or defense (you only get one vote, not for each).


QB: Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jim Everett 


RB: Dalton Hilliard, Cleveland Gary, and Roger Craig


WR: Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Andre Rison, Eric Martin, Henry Ellard, and Willie Anderson 


TE: Brent Jones, Hoby Brenner, and Pete Holohan


OL: Bill Fralic, Mike Kenn, Joel Hilgenberg, Jim Dombrowski, Stan Brock, Jesse Sapolu, Guy McIntyre, Harris Barton, Steve Wallace, Doug Smith, Tom Newberry, and Jackie Slater


K: Morten Andersen


DL: Wayne Martin, Jim Wilks, and Michael Carter


LB: Jesse Tuggle, John Rade, Tim Green, Pat Swilling, Vaughan Johnson, Sam Mills, Ricky Jackson, Ken Norton (S.F.), Mike Wilcher, and Kevin Greene


DB: Scott Case, Deion Sanders, Gene Atkins, Brett Maxie, Don Griffin, Ronnie Lott, and Jerry Gray


P: Scott Fulhage and Tommy Barnhardt


If there is a favorite of yours that didn't make it, list your player as a comment. The most votes for players not already listed above by Christmas Day will join Erik McMillan, Richard Johnson, Bo Jackson, Martin Mayhew, and Wayne Haddix as the final of six on the game with a unique/special attribute.


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