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How-To Upload Your ROM (Updated: 07/21/2015)

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Starting this year, we are changing how uploads work. 





How to Upload your ROM:



  1. Go to Downloads
  2. Click 'Upload File'

  3. Select your Category

  4. Choose your ROM or file, Click 'Attach File'

  5. Choose your Screenshot, Click 'Attach File'

  6. Add your File Name and Description

  7. If you have other files, repeat steps 4 and/or 5. (e.g. manual, label, etc)

  8. Click 'Add Submission'

  9. DONE!



Here is a video how-to for those that need further instruction:












How to Update your upload(s):



  1. Go to your file's page and click 'Upload New Version'

  2. Choose your file, Click 'Attach File'

  3. Update any other information

  4. Click "Update Submission'

  5. DONE!



Here is a video how-to for those that need further instruction:












What about my beta ROM that I want feedback on and is a Work In Progress?






Head to the ROM Editing Discussion forum to get your discussion on about the ROM you are editing. You can attach to your heart's content. (http://tecmobowl.org/forum/91-rom-editing-discussion/**Please note, if you upload a release in this forum that is intended for download and is not a WIP, it will get deleted. I will try my best to move them to the new format, but no guarantees. Please, just follow the proper steps.






Why the change?



The short answer: It saves a LOT of time.



The long answer: We have needed to clean-up this section for a long, long time. We need continuity. We need security. Having T-Borg and its users follow a universal format saves Knobbe (and me) a lot of time and headaches from maintenance, etc.






Furthermore, we want to do some cool stuff with the site, e.g. browser emulator for each submission, and we need to have continuity to do that. This requires files be stored the same way each time, but also certain portions of a ROM need to be read/written the same way. Rolling out the download section allows us the flexibility to accomplish this task and much, much more down the road.






In the mean time:



I will be migrating all the old files & threads to the download section. I can merge existing topics with the newly created support threads. Bonus!



If you want to start uploading your complete games in the new section, that would help a ton and I will give you a gold star.






Still have questions?



Head to the Download Section Support thread and ask away! (http://tecmobowl.org/topic/65837-downloads-section-question-help-thread/)


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