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Vikings S32 Review

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WORST DRAFT EVER.  I was really hoping for Boomer, Rice, or a 63 ms back to somehow slip to the 27th spot of the draft.  This has happened a couple of times in recent history.  I struggle on offense in general, while I am able to pull things together on D pretty well with losers, so I really wanted an offensive stud.  


There were none.  At this point, I figured I'd be playing for QB Eagles, hence my sig.


I decided on Okoye over the 56ms backs and remaining WRs, and Steve Young since he was arguable the best Q available, and came bundled with an offense.   Even though these were far from the best picks (Browner, a 50rp 69 int DB went afterwards, as did others), these picks went towards my style of play.  I then focused on patching together what would become one of the best D's I've ever had (4th in points given up in the league).


Young and my worthless WR's (Sherrard 44ms 50rec, Horton 44/44, Warren Williams 38/44) were a let down immediately.  Young threw errantly, and the wr's dropped balls off their facemasks.  Oh, and Okoye got injured in like, 3 of my first 8 games, and was in bad for another 3 quarters.  After 5 games  Dexter Carter and Steve Young had more carries than Okoye.  Even so, I went 5-0.  Somehow I managed to pull out wins even with losing 2 fumbles for TDs against SF and TB.  


I learned very quickly that if you don't let the ball out of the hands of a 25ms QB they still do pretty well.  Young scrambled for first downs 6.1 yards at a time.  Our team motto became: DON'T THROW INTO COVERAGE.


My quality wins were against Lou (who is a pretty good tecmoer), Peters twice (7-9), Brud (9-7) Nos (8-8), Det (Odell, who was 6-2 before dropping out), Sir Ted (7-9) and SF again in the playoffs.  Brud pointed out my schedule was the easiest in the league, which probably helped this rag-tag team along a bit.  I only had two wins against winning teams (Det and SF).


From there it was a struggle to capitilize on my fast start, finishing the year 6-5 and losing the #1 seed to Manyo, which ended up being a pretty big deal because we squared off in the NFC championship.


The funnest part of my team was definitely my defense.  I had Ben Smith, and a bunch of guys who if they went in good suddenly became pretty good (Mark Robinson, 44rp /63 in good, Talley 50/50, Sean Jones 56/25, Millard 56/25, Joyner 50/38).  That gave my defense quite a versatility, as often one of those guys would be sitting in good, and the rest were controllable in a pinch in average.    


Making it to the NFC Championship game this year was quite a feat, and made it 4 times in 6 seasons back that I was in a conference championship game (choking againts GoNick with a 14-7 lead and the ball deep in his territory late in the 4th Q in S27, getting spanked by Nos 31-7 at home in S29, beating somebody in S31 (dolo?) and now against Manyo.)


In the NFC Championship game, Manyo played my game better than I did: take slow long drives, get first downs, DON'T THROW INTO COVERAGE.  A boring but excellent game came down to Elway bonking some Wr's in the face in the end zone for incompletions, resulting in a FG to go up 17-14, and then me getting greedy and not running OOB quick enough to kick a pretty sure-thing FG from 47 yards out.  


The results of my season gave me more encouragement to draft a little outside the box in the future.  





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Good review, looks like Bruddog has copied your defensive strategy.  Will be interesting to see if it works for him as well.  I did the opposite in HSRL this past season, drafting a stable of 44 and 38 MS RBs and it worked pretty well (playing conditions).  I've never tried that myself on D though.

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