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***HSTL 32 Playoffs*** Super Bowl

HSTL S32 Super Bowl  

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  1. 1. Who you got in the Super Bowl?

    • New England Patriots (dukesta)
    • Washington Redskins (manyo)

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lol not surprised.


dont make me compose

another haiku for you

damned hater gator


plus it don't matter, we're timing out the draft before it...... we were gonna play tuesday, cuz me and duke r real in this beotch, but then i figured EHHHHHHH let the draft play out first so i can keep the whip on jesus and the rest of the mods, then i'll supe it up friday, amirite?

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Why is NE home for this game (NE 10-6, WAS 11-5)?  Do we alternate AFC/NFC each season?


based on my memory and lite research, we've done it based on NFL tiebreaking rules in the past, not sure on that tho..... but I decided might as well enshrine in the rules starting now that the home team in the Super Bowl will follow the same system the NFL uses:


The designated "home team" alternates between the NFC team in odd-numbered games and the AFC team in even-numbered games. This alternation was initiated with the first Super Bowl, when the Green Bay Packers were the designated home team.



Granted there is probably more of a home field advantage in tecmo than in the NFL Super Bowl, but eh, arguments could be made on either side and this is just easier.

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Tough to bet against manyo again. We will have a brand new HSTL champion! Good times. The competition is closer than ever as the playoffs have shown


Can Manyo win HSTL in his first season back? Can tap master Dukesta go from a -50 point differential last season to the second best pt differential of 114 and a super bowl title. Both had a little good fortune with Manyo having Okoye go down vs Brugler and Dukesta pulling off an insanely improbable win vs Reg. 


In this scorefest I will take tapping + homefield fumble luck. 


NE 28 WAS 24.  

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Super bowl analysis through the numbers. 


The first oddity is that both super bowl participants have been allowing 3 more yards per play than their opponents which isn't usually a recipe for success.


NE has overcome the yards per play deficit with a massive KR differential averaging a whopping 110 yards per KR and 36.8 yards per return while only allowing 58 KR yards per game and 13.1 per return giving them the total yards edge 339 to 303 as well as winning the turnover battle by a big margin.


WAS has been living a little more dangerously losing the KR game and even the completion % game. Despite elway/carlson throwing for 66%, opponents have thrown for 81% They have won it via sheer volume of plays 32.5 to 15.5 using their time management, key stops, big 4th down performance and a little luck


We may not see an interception with only 1 INT being thrown in 5 games between the two teams. 





Sticking with NE 28 WAS 24.

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Super Bowl XXXII: Facts and Figures

So far as I can tell, this is the first time two West Coast tecmo-heads will meet in the HSTL Super Bowl..... and far more significantly, two card-carrying members of the USFL... but certainly not the last!



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