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Recording and Editing Tecmo Games: Info and Resources

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It is an HSTL rule to record all games.  There is no penalty for not doing so (or forgetting to do so), but it is the firm expectation and standard for all league members.


Why record games? 

  • Well, if you're in the middle of a game, and you and your opponent desynch or crash or whatever... then you can use your NSV recording of that game up until the time of the crash to help make a partial state... then you and your opponent figure out how to play the remainder of the game, take another partial state when agreed upon... then upload both partial states to the phile, voila! complete game.
  • If there is a dispute as in one player accuses another of breaking the rules, then the only way you can expect action to be taken by HSTL administrators is to submit to him a recording of your game (NSV, youtube, etc.).

How to record a game... NSV style.

First of all, using Brutopia to record a game as an NSV file is not always failproof, it sometimes just doesn't work or desynchs in the middle of the playback.  But there are certain advantages to this type of recording, as in we are able to upload it to dynastyphile, it is a relatively small file, and you can adjust the playback speed as you watch it (altho that's about it, you can't rewind or pause and stuff like that)... this is the only way to get a partial state, as described above, and you can also record via NSV at the same time as recording in a different style as described below.  We can also use this type of file to investigate allegations of turboing and the like.  Here is a link to more detailed information on how to record via NSV: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/59816-how-to-record-to-a-nsv-file/


How to record a game... OTHER style.

There are several ways to record using programs outside of brutopia.  These files can then be edited by movie-making programs and/or uploaded to youtube.  You can either record your game LIVE while playing (live-stream and/or local-record), or play the NSV back and record or stream it later.

How to edit a game using movie-making software.

There are a number of programs to edit your move files down.

  • WINDOWS LIVE MOVIE MAKER: This program is simple and easy to edit and upload your vids to youtube when done.  I have yet to find a good link for this that I know for certain is safe.  It's out there somewhere, I'll update later if I find it.
  • iMOVIE: This is for the Mac users out there.  It probably comes on Mac machines already.


If anyone else would like to suggest alternative methods of recording and/or editing, please post them up and I will include them here.

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