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the location of displayed player attribute numbers (6,13,19,etc) NES TSB

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The displayed attribute values for each players ratings are stored in a table form, at 0x3115c, right after the team attribute background color locations.


so, in theory, you could go in and change the whole 6,13,19, (% of 16ths) "scale" to display whatever you want.

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proof of concept.  I changed the normal 6 thru 100 to 1 thru 16.


grogan was given 6,13,19,25,31,38,44,50 as his ratings in sequential order.

wilson was given 56,63,69,75,81,88,94,100 as his ratings in sequential order.


see attached screens.





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Trying to think of how i would change it up. The og way is pretty good with it being a percent of max.

I guess one could go with the madden scale though im not sure its any better where ~50 is the worst rating for the ratings that matter for a position.


















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*yeah Tecmonster could use the "madden" scale since he rates his TSB roms off of madden.


also, you could bump the displayed scale up to a max of 999.  so, maybe make it start at 0 or 1.  for visual effect.  even though there are only 16 increments.  


here is something off the top of my head...again, not so much logical, but for "visual effect".  

notice how the scale compresses at the ends and stretches out in the middle.  it might be better if it compresses at the middle instead?  I'm just fooling around here.


6/ 1
13/ 50
19/ 100
25/ 150
31/ 200
38/ 300
44/ 400
50/ 500
56/ 600
63/ 700
69/ 750
75/ 800
81/ 850
88/ 900
94/ 950
100/ 999



I agree that the original scale is pretty solid.  I was just always thinking that the intervals should be even between increments.  But once I understood that it was a percentage, I was no longer confused.  

by now, I am so used to the attribute scale that I think it would make my brain explode to think of it any other way.

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After messing around with this hack a bit, it is possible to erase the number displayed. But it does cost you a tile. If you change all the numbers needed to FF and then edit tile $3F to a blank... it will erase the number display. BUT the tile $3F is used by the game next to the time and score text display on top of your play call screen.

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