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Butt Douglas

The Tecmo Cup: PREVIEW!

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After the apocalyptic event that was the 1992 Tecmo Bowl, which saw the (SPOILER!) Eagles upset the mighty Bills for their first ever footsball championship in the post-merger era, the landscape was close to a Mad Max wasteland. To be honest, it was more like Beyond Thunderdome than Fury Road, but it was desolate all the same. But after banding together and working as one, your heroes of the Tecmo Bowl put the world back together while also finding time to stop another reality-altering event.

So what does one do when they suddenly find themselves with ample time and a whole new world to play in? Find new ways to shred up the gridiron, of course!

In this brave new world, our Tecmo heroes are foregoing all ideas and thoughts of what the game of football used to be. After all, why should Dave Krieg have to play game after game of football only to be cruelly reminded that he's on the Seahawks by Week 16 when his Sky-Miles card is cancelled? No, in this world, with a newfound respect for the earth and for each other, our Tecmo heroes have decided upon a new way to crown an ultimate champion—and they call it The Tecmo Cup.


Pot #1

We look back to the year 1992, the last year our teams met to decide a champion, to start filling our pots. In that year, we were all too sexy for our shirts—but none were more sexy than the Buffalo Bills, who railed off 7 wins in a row after starting 4-5 to power through the playoffs and into the Tecmo Bowl itself. On the other hand, the Philadelphia Eagles were more smash mouth than sexy—head coach Rich Kotite notwithstanding—and posted one of the best records in the league en route to their trophy.

Rounding off Pot 1 are the other 1992 playoff contenders who had the best records through 7 teams. This includes the perennial powerhouses of the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers, otherwise known as the "Hey, our division had to have 1 representative, so..." teams. Rounding off the Sinister Seven are the Houston Oilers, who will somehow find a way in pool play to have the best record but not advance to the bracket, and the Dolphins, who were seeded #1 in the AFC last year on the basis of a tie with the Jets.


Pot #2-Pot #4

The final 3 pots of 7 teams are simply broken down by division, with Pot #2 containing all East teams, #3 containing all Central teams and #4 featuring the Wild West. This was done, of course, to keep divisional rivals and frequent frenemies from competing right off the bat. It was also done to protect our newly fragile world from an old-fashioned Lions-Buccaneers brawl.


Join us next week for Selection Saturday, where our 7 Tecmo Cup groups will be drawn for and announced. We know you're excited!

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