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@bruddog Here's one from jstout that he said you were pretty involved with, in which quickness is used as "coverage".  Assuming this one works, the quickness attribute is being accessed somewhere in this hack...so is it just a matter of telling it to correlate with the hex code related to pursuit angles/dive animations rather than the completion check, or is it more complicated than that?


Edit: I found another hack that uses quickness for int returns and that one is as simple as changing one byte to x87.  I see in this one that there is an x87 with a note that the game is to then use quickness as well.  So x87 must have something to do with quickness,  but given how much other code there is and all the jumps, I assume it's rather complicated.



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Ok so we have hacks for quickness=


-pursuit angles    - dive animation timing     -jj int     -fumble&int returns.      I have two questions. Which, if any, of these actually work? And, if more than one of these work, can they be used in the same ROM (assuming no other hacks are interfering)?





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