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32 team rom + huthuts download


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It cannot exist.


The code space was used to expand to 32 teams.

so in short: it will not be possible to restore the soundfx without some serious work. i don't mean to come off as an ass but there is no other way i can explain it.


They said it couldn't be done but here it is and fitted for the more common v1.05 32-Team rom.  While the sound quality isn't as nice as I'd like it to be, this gets the job done for all of you purists out there. 


To apply this to your own rom, get out your hex editor and paste/override away. 




@0x3E550 - relocated samples 1

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


@0x3E910 - relocated samples 2

A9A6AAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAA4A2D 5555AD55 ADAA4CAD 5255A952 553355AB AA5A55AB AA555555 AA2A55A5 AAAA5455 5555D5AC 9C4C55B5 6A5266D9 96355376 B3C9624A 6EB6B170 CC9A4986 CACEECCC 1C9E49D8 725363CC F81801A5 FAFFFF7F 00000000 FFFFFF1F 00FCFF01 0080FF3F 00F0FF0F 0000FF7F 00E0FF3F 0000FE1F 00F8FF1F 0000FF03 00FFFF03 00F0FF00 F0FF3F78 F03F0000 C4FFF3FF FF070000 C0BFFFFF 7F000400 00FCFFFF 1F3E0000 18FCEF0F 7F00007F 1C80F1FF 0300FF7F 00C0FF0F 40FCFF07 C0FF0F1C F8E10300 F0E3076F 78F00704 FCFF1700 18F003FF FFFF0100 F80080FF FF3F00FC 0700FCFF FF0000F0 FF0100FE FF0700FC FF01007E 7FC0FF7E 800104C0 FFFF0FE0 FF0000FC 1F07C0FF 7F40FC07 00E09F07 F0FFFF01 000700C0 FFFF07FE 0F0000FE FF19F03F 0080E91F FCFF3F00 F81F0000 FCFF83F3 FF000040 FFFF9286 FBF00080 FF7280EF BF00C0FF 0980BF3F 00F8FF03 00FE3F00 D0FF1F00 FCFF0000 FF7F009C FF0100EF DFC0E6FF 19001067 E6FCFD0C 11B41127 C6FC6D21 ECEC04E1 7FC28691 1FCDC893 9FECA480 B6CF06C0 DE9B13EE FE303076 279931DF 0099B767 80F1AF30 01F73F52 66B3018C B671C23F 3763E484 1D62FECF 12920387 3FC3C68C 1977C69C 3B618EFC 39213D2C 0FF0698B F9321323 33674ECE 89A38D29 1567B38D 35C96E89 09BB8D8C A7D6CCCC C98C8B33 63665A59 76621C19 66E69ECB CC98A949 1BD39331 87CD3433 66AA7366 B671A78C 24739651 67CE8C62 C6AC99F1 CC9C9E99 3166E6CC 8CCC3969 E6C4B8D4 99719A3D 3123A36E B3678E08 0091F3EF FFDF2010 746424C6 F6FFBF03 0060660E 40FBFFFF 1F0000EE 0400F8FF FF7F0000 BD0080FF FFFF0700 D80100F0 FFFF3F00 FE0F0000 FEFF3F00 FCFF0000 F8FF7F00 F0FF0700 C0FFFF01 80FF1F00 00FFFF00 80FF7F00 00F0FF07 00FCFF03 00F0FF3F 00F8FF0F 0000FFFF 0100FF1F 0000F8FF 7F00FEFF 070000FE FF3F80FF FF0000C0 FFFF3F80 FB070000 00FEFF1F F0FF0100 00C0FFFF 00F8FF00 0000FCFF FF00FE1F 000080FD FFFF193F 0400C080 F8FFFF3F 610E002F 00FEFFFF 43E001E0 9E00FEFF FFC70000 E0FF00F0 FFFF0F00 0000FF03 F0FFFFFF 0000F0FF 0080FF9F FF0000F8 FF07003E F8FF1F00 E0F73F00 0007FEFF 0100FFFF 030038E0 FF1F00F8 0F0EE0F9 01FCFF03 867FC0E3 0700E0FF 3F40F007 FC1F0000 FFFF1F78 1E00FF03 00C8FFFF 070B00FC FF0300E4 FFFF8403 38FE3F00 0076FEFF 0100F8FF 7F008003 FEFF0300 F8FB1F00 E0C3F8FF 7F0030FE FF016060 00FFFF0F 80FF3D00 0C0300FE FF3FD00F CF780002 20FCFFFF E1811FF8 030060E0 FFFF0F08 FF811F00 0036FFFF FF608007 FC0100F0 FFF9FF1F 00803FFC 0300F8C3 FCFF0F00 FC1F0800 DF0700FE FF3FF07D 00E00703 04E0FFFF 1FFC0000 FC0703BC FFFFBF4F 0000C0FF 0702E0FF 1B7F7F00 00E0FFFF 01007E80 FFFF0700 00FFFF00 00F803FF FF7F0000 FEF10F00 F01FF0F9 FF0700C0 1FFF0300 7C60F8FF FF0100F8 F8FF0080 3F00FFFF FF0000DF FC0000FE 0FE0FFFF 0F00E007 5E00F07F 007FFFFF 00800F00 FF03F80F C03FFEFF 030000F0 FF07C07D 801FFEFF 01E001FC FF07C07F 0002FEFF 0700E0FF FF00F03F 00F0FFFF 000060FC FF01C03F 00E2FFFF 1F0000FF FF03601F 008CF3FF FF0000FC FF0170E0 01F0FEFF FF0100E0 3FFC8000 F8E1BF01 FC7F0080 FF0FFF00 03F89703 80FFFF07 C0FF01FC 0300F80F 04F8FFFF 00807FE0 FF03C0FF 0700F883 FF1F007E E08E0FF0 FF0300FC 07FE8F03 E0E0C73F C0FF0F00 8801F0FF 7F00017F FE1FFCF4 0020E001 FEFF03E0 FBE7FFC0 0F00001E 00FCFF3F 00EEFFF1 FF000000 F800FEEB FF7F00F8 5FF83F00 0000F807 7FF2FFFC 0090FFE7 1F000058 D0DF7D00 FDFF0780 FF0B60C0 3F0072FE 0701F8FF FF019F03 803F3000 FCFF00C0 DFFEFFBF 0000C0FF 0406F81F E080FFE0 EBFF3F00 00F2FF07 00F63F00 80FF01D8 FFFF0240 E1FF3100 FF1700E0 7D81FCFF FF470000 F2FE0F70 A103807F 67BB14FD FF0100C0 FF9F01DC 0001FCFF 17FC02F6 9F0300DC FF5E0B00 C06FFA1F F8FD0080 FF3F00E0 FF132F00 28FE077D F43F0000 FEFF04E0 FF079F00 70DC07FC E71A0000 FEFFFF00 F062FE03 C0A77F80 0FF40700 F8FFFF0A 005F6317 013EF403 FC832F00 A55FFE7F 0D802FF2 1700A8FE 03EEB22A 00F7B7FD FF0300D8 D502C0BE 37C8BF40 15C94A56 F5FF3F00 B09D8200 F5F7B3AA 4A2984D4 AAFEFF7F 02008B90 32B1FE7D 17921025 5255F7EF FF4F0000 40DA5DAB DFDB0020 5525AAFD ED5AFF3F 000068D3 BF5197B4 005D1149 DB5769BF FB475402 40A8FE1F 49682FD0 226AEB76 D6555FB5 6409004C F7FF1121 B58A3263 5D6D2BA0 6ACD244E 651ED7D4 92266BB5 4C4D9555 55555555 55555555 FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF 50617463 68206279 FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF 4A6F7267 61736D73 FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF 81AA3533 38A6D3B8 568B34AD AA656A4E 62796653 959AAC68 6DAE30B5 C90A7D76 C1C89E26 F0F30782 7F14E0EF 0704FF03 82FE3F40 F81F00FF 2F00FE1F 80FC3F00 F43B804F F321CACF 06F8153E B2F811FC 02FC43C9 1F05FC03 3E17F80B 3E40FF81 B30FC07F 803FB0FC 07F801FE 01EF13C0 3FC03FE0 DF00FE80 7F80BF01 FC07F807 FC4A811F F03FE0D3 047EE07F 003F3CE0 07FC0FF0 71813FE0 3FE0071F F801FE01 3FF8E003 FC07FCE0 033FE01F F0830FFC 803FE00F 3EF007FE 801F7CC0 07FF803F F0C007FF 003FF8C0 0F7F803F F0E0077E 803FE8D0 0F7F803F 30E88F0F C01F3CD1 E31FE01F 50F2E50F E01F6063 F90FF007 487BF803 F80FD03E FC01FC83 503E7F00 FF01921F 3F80FF00 DDC13FC0 7F00EAE7 0FC03F00 FFE00FE0 3F4079FE 03F00FC0 7EFC01FC 07508FFF 00FC01CA EF3F00FC 01F4C73F 00FF00F6 E13F803F 00F5F707 807F00FE F10F807F 00FEFC07 C03F00FE FD03C03F 007FFC03 C07F007F FE01E03F 007FFE03 C03F007F FF00E03F 00FFFE00 E03F007F FF01C03F 007FFF00 E03F00FE FD03C07F 00FAFD03 80FF00F4 FD17007F 09E0FE1F 00BE3700 FE3F00EA FB01F03F 4849FD03 F0FF008D F40FC0FF 032CD23F 00FF0768 C36F00FE 1FE029FC 01F87F00 5FA80FC1 FF01FCA0 BE00FF0F C01BF20B E8FF0076 A45E81FE 07D88AF4 15E87F01 5D90BF00 FF0F600B F50BD0FF 01AD42F7 04FC3F40 B5A45790 FB0751AD 542BD2FE 03F016B1 1DA97F02 FA02751B F2BDA0AA 42DD4AEA BD08AB8A EA4969DF 886A85EC 95A47B25 954AD596 92FA95E0 5AA4AE8A EA975057 A4B6526A 6F4A5A85 EA2555B5 AD685554 ADAA52DD 29561555 55D9CA56 A5554995 352BD12F A355D21A E649E9D5 704DA954 6D32955B 56559552 AB2A55AD 5355592A 95AD52D5 6A7594AA AAAA4A55 5D954DA5 AA8ACB32 555BA5AB 55555555


@0x36497 - presnap audio functions


A9 0C8D1540 8D1040A9 958D1240 A9208D13 40A91F8D 15404CED 81A90C8D 15408D10 40A9C08D 1240A929 8D1340A9 1F8D1540 4CED81A9 0C8D1540 8D1040A9 9D8D1240 A9198D13 40A91F8D 15404CED 81A90C8D 15408D10 40A9A48D 1240A96A 8D1340



Old Post



This hack isn't perfect by any means as the "down" DMC sample is replaced by the "hut" DMC sample. This hack is also based on the v1.11 rom which is much less commonly used. Despite these flaws, this provides an alternative for anyone who, like myself, find the huts to be iconic/nostalgic/sex or any other adjective you see fit.


To apply this to your own rom, whip out your hex editor and paste/override away.

@0x36497 - presnap audio functions

4C ED81EAEA 8D1040A9 958D1240 A93F8D13 40A91F8D 15404CED 81A90F8D 15408D10 40A9958D 1240A93F 8D1340A9 1F8D1540 4CED81A9 0F8D1540 8D1040A9 D88D1240 A9308D13 40A91F8D 15404CED 81


@0x7f610 - relocated sample

08AAAA6A D5E2E130 F9605579 D8165DD5 4AB58AA5 5A2A9B5A 55ADB454 B5D452A9 34653D5A BA9A544B A5EA92B4 AA92563D 8D9B2AA5 45D56A25 AD2A49FB 916D2D50 174AED47 AAA504FD 0FFAB900 5B40F73F 509520FA 3FF89700 BC80FEFF 011409E4 FECFB704 001FF8FF 0F800178 7FFF8901 80F43FFF 3A00C02B FDD71F00 80D6FD0F 3E00F07F 602BFE03 2CAAD27F E03E00F0 FF5005FF 019E96E8 3FE001FA AB4228FE 3F805525 FB0F7802 E0FF0F00 FC1FF829 80FE1F0A F8178A48 F5FF01C0 5F9A7F00 08FDFF05 00F8FF01 D097FCBF 0400FE3F 00C8FF1F 00F8ABB7 2500E8FF 1F00E0FF 1F00F8AF AB0500FE FF00A0FF 3F00E0BF 6C8B00F8 FF0700DA FF0F00F8 3FAAC900 FC7F00E8 FF9F00C0 FF605D12 E0FF01D0 FE7F0200 FE3F807B 01EC7F40 50FBFF00 80FF23BC 0AE0FF0B 00BDFF03 00FF0FC0 BF01F07F 01A0FF3F 00E0FF01 FC16E07E 0350FDFF 0080FF07 E07F00FC 4F01F0FF 0700FE1F 40FF01E8 AF05E0FF 0700FE3F 00FE07C0 FE0F80FF 0F00FC7F 00FC0780 FF07E0FF 0300FE7F 00FC07C0 BF03F0FF 0300FE3F 00FE05E8 FD02FC3F 00E0FF0F 00FF00FA BE00FE1F 00F0FF03 E03E88ED 2FE0FF01 00FEFF00 F003A9FF 06F81F00 E0FF0F80 FD4854BF E0FF0300 F8FF0940 1F29F5AB F0BF0080 FF3F01E0 592BB6C2 FF0F00F0 FF130097 D4EA17F0 FF0000FF FF02C061 AE5F01FF 0F00F0FF 17002F51 E92FF87F 0000FFFF 0160258E 7F09FF07 00F0FF1F 00C8EBD2 85F8FF01 00FEFF01 6094AAFE 09FF0700 E0FF7F00 8075FB0E F0FF0100 FCFF0700 6A957EE1 FF0700C0 FF3F0092 D2FA17F4 FF0000FC FF070078 2D5FA4FF 0F0080FF 7F00C4AA F44FFD3F 0000F8FF 0F00A8B6 7F21FF0F 0080FFFF 00806DED 15FAFF01 00F0FF0F 005455FF 52FF0E00 00FFFF03 00D4FE0F D1FF0700 80FFFF00 00ADFF91 FE3F0000 F8FF0F00 90F67F89 BF2F0000 FCFF0F00 C0FF2FF0 FF030000 FFFF0300 F0FF25FD 7E0000F0 FF7F0000 F8FF235F 7F0000F0 FF3F0000 FEFFF0EB 070000FF FF070080 FF3FF9FA 040080FF FF0B00C0 FF8FFC7E 0200C0FF FF0100F0 FF967E5D 0200F0FF 7F0000EC FF2ABFBE 0800E0FF BF0040EA 765BBF5D


Now, the discussion part. Theoretically, we could use the second half of the "touchDOWN' DMC sample in the v1.05 rom or attempt to figure out how cx_rom was able to restore the "down" dmc sample. Either way, I'd love to help out here on this project on any upcoming project in general. I have virtually no NES/6502 hacking experience but I have a ton of experience hacking N64 and Gamecube games. 

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This hack isn't perfect by any means as the "down" DMC sample is replaced by the "hut" DMC sample. This hack is also based on the v1.11 rom which is much less commonly used. Despite these flaws, this provides an alternative for anyone who, like myself, find the huts to be iconic/nostalgic/sex or any other adjective you see fit.


To apply this to your own rom, whip out your hex editor and paste/override away.


You're a scholar and a gentleman 

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On 8/9/2016 at 12:48 PM, Jorgasms said:

Is this included in TSB17? If not, why not and what can I do to make this standard?




Sorry I never responded but I didn't include because I prefer nothing to a lower quality version.

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