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STL 49ers Commemorative Highlight Reel


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A special commemorative video celebrating the San Francisco 49ers and the championship season that finished with their victory in Sois Bowl 8, the Brad Muster Bowl. This exclusive online edition features in-depth highlights, game stories from the magical game and "commentary" provided by ESPN's Stuart Scott. Each highlight is individually numbered and features white lettering and it is not available in stores. Available now for viewing. Get your piece of STL History today! Watch Edgefan win his first STL title. Witness Canes guile as he faces adversity!



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lol..nice cover up

masters rom isnt my cup of tea

Nice cover up? It's true. I was intimidated at first... but I gotta pretty comfortable and I made it a close game. *pats self on the back

You outplayed me that particular game. Good for you. Besides, I'm just playing you to loosen up before the tournament.

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and if you would have won, it would have been a "practice" game too?


The film would have been posted and you would have been bragging. Join a league and win something there.

Of course not. There is no debate between me and you.

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hate to see the much deserved congrats to edge go down the drain with a feud with a non stl player. But i just checked out the footage of my dismal performance and i had 13 pts....but didnt earn any of them really. Edge just had the talent and will to kill me. Although very nice job sois and great prediction and hitting it right on the head. Thanks to Lelie anyways :oops:

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