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OL' Dirty Tecmo

Round Zero: Complete HSTL S32: Draft Info/Rules

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Season 32 Google Doc


Season 17

Season 18

Season 19

Season 20

Season 21

Season 22

Season 23

Season 24

Season 25

Season 26

Season 27

Season 28

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Season 30

Season 31

Original ROM Players


Positions Drafted: (13 ROUNDS)





Backups (bench)


DL + K/P (Please Note: These are not combined on the Google Doc)






13 Rounds, 2 picks per day (when timed draft starts, and hopefully will occur directly on dynastyphile so we can be lazy sippin' mojitos.)



We will draft 2 rounds per day again this season.  Each pick will have a 15-minute time frame assigned to it.  You can make your pick as soon as your time frame begins.... OR after ALL picks ahead of yours have been made.  Make sure you get your pick submitted before your 15 minutes are up so the next guy in line doesn't steal your player.


Your two scheduled draft times will be the same each day of the timed draft.  So learn them, get to know them, take them out, touch them, feel them, they are yours.


If the end of a round comes and there is a team who has not made a pick,  Diaz or another crazy person will make a pick for that team.  We will do our best to select a player whom we believe is the best available while also balancing that decision against the team's needs.   This is never ideal, so please commit to making yourself available during both of your time slots each day... and if you cannot do so, plan ahead and post a list in the official draft list thread or that specific draft round's thread.... OR recruit a buddy to make your selection for you during your time slot.




  • NOTE ON DB/LB TANDEMS: You must select one of each of the four types of tandems (DB1/LB2, DB2/LB4, DB3/LB1, DB4/LB3)... no more than one tandem from each of those tabs on the google doc.
  • For near simultaneous posts from someone whose pick is up and from someone who is behind in the draft, post order will determine who gets what.
  • No trading of draft picks or draft position.
  • The draft positions are also all located on the team tab of the google doc.
  • Remember no WTs can carry the ball in HSTL except on reverses and that some of the RBs on the doc have a (WT) listed next to their names.  This means these players are drafted to fill RB slots on your roster, but still CANNOT carry the ball.
  • Once you've posted, you may not retract your pick UNLESS no one after your draft slot has picked either.

Please ask if you have any questions.  Most of you guys have been in this league before and this draft will run just like the last few.  Please help the new guys out as much as you can and remember this is for fun.  Mistakes are bound to happen, and things might not always be as updated as you wish.  The draft mods are an all-volunteer crew, and have real jobs and lives to attend to as well, so please be patient with us and let us know if you see a mistake anywhere (google doc or threads) so we can fix it ASAP.


Good luck!


 Round Zero Draft Slot Selection

  1. Rob
  2. Grip
  3. Louis
  4. Brad
  5. Gamehigh
  6. Disasta
  7. Sega
  8. Teddy
  9. Jfag
  10. Player
  11. Peters
  12. Manyo
  13. O'Dell
  14. Bruddog
  15. Keirre
  16. Toolie
  17. Diaz
  18. Psycho
  19. GoNick
  20. Nos
  21. Gats
  22. Ziur
  23. Hamby
  24. Dolo
  25. Canes
  26. Reg
  27. Dukie
  28. Flo




Actual Draft Position

  1. Rob
  2. Grip
  3. Lou
  4. Brad
  5. Gamehigh
  6. Disata
  7. Sega
  8. Jfag
  9. Player
  10. Peters
  11. Toolie
  12. Diaz
  13. Dolo
  14. .ZuirZuir
  15. Reg
  16. Dukesta
  17. Flo
  18. Manyo
  19. Canes
  20. Keirre
  21. .Nos
  22. .Gonick
  23. Psycho
  24. SirTed
  25. Bruddog
  26. O'Dell
  27. Hamby
  28. Gats

Rob, you can start us off by posting where you would like to draft at anytime, thanks. 

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There are only 28 first round picks

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I think those that are usually near the snake/hairpin in the draft don't like the slot selection because it doesn't add value for them. But the tweeners who have earned their spot by putting up some wins fall into no man's land sometimes. So while I hate to see the league slow down - it's perfectly timed right now as half of us are about to head to Madison.


no diaz is staying which is best for the league anyways 


EDIT: Oops I forgot the best part. After Madison I'll decide if I'm going to sign on for S32 as commissioner. My change of heart this season was to honor the commitment I made for S31 - and nothing more than that.

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