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1970 Season Sign-Ups

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  • AIM:                                                             Ones11fahzu

Nickname (if applicable):                              Onesphaze

Email:                                                          [email protected]

Availability:                                                    Totally random based on work schedule

Can you host?:                                             only through himachi

List 4 Team Preferences:                              not picky

What's your location/timezone?:                    EST

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  • AIM: FloIsMyName

Nickname (if applicable): Flo

Email: floe888 at yahoo

Availability: days. I usually have a couple of nights during the week off

Can you host?: Yes

List 4 Team Preferences: Bears, not Packers, in a division with guys I like.

What's your location/timezone?: Outside Chicago / central

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player121x has expressed a desire to be in the league and a little birdie told me that lsu is not going to join, so we have our 26.  I'll get a preliminary team list out soon and people can decide if they're cool with there team or want to look for someone to switch with. 

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  • AIM: player121xk

Nickname (if applicable): Charlie Fellatio

Email: [email protected]

Availability: definitely after 10:30 central time on weekdays; other times are negotiable and fully dependent on the mood of a pregnant wife and a toddler, but I can usually make any non-workday time happen

Can you host?: sorry, no

List 4 Team Preferences: no preference

What's your location/timezone?: central time

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