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Sim test USA

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Suga Shayne, babala-bang-bang


CC, Game Of The Minute


3:05pmE.T. (CC) time-slot? ...  GOT it!

Please note that Goji's resulted in a tie.  Imposseebleh!  Here, my Liege, is the redux:  1582497738_GojisNFLTecmoSuperBowlLIII(PlayoffsWeek3.2)(JuicedVersion)P3PreCOMsSimN12b.thumb.png.9953cb508a72ed1eae7f1bdf3ee8e350.png




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Rams Win!  Fake News!



CC, G.O.T.M.


6:40pmE.T. (CC) time-slot? ...  Got it



And I (CHOOSE TO):  KickCheaters...  GEAUX CHEETAH!

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@gojiphen malor , DB Cooper Kup- no, DB John Johnson {III} - you know, the guy who ended the Saints hopes'n'dreams? - is figuring very prominently (relatively-speaking) to your recent updates:


1st - in Gameday1.0 - dude roped the game-ending INT off Tom Brady...



Not that the game wasn't in-hand already ;)


Then, he recovered a fumble for the RAMS 2nd TouchDown (in your Gameday1.1; C below, 3rd from the left:)


@~Tailback King~ will be happy to know all this


... It will be intriguing to C what-in-the-monkey-paw magic JOHN Johnson pulls out of his hat tonite!  I suspects JOHNNY Johnson will be watching CLOSELY, too.  (Not to mention, the Grandfather of J.J.'s:


image.thumb.png.c8418b1ef5e043ea88b7da974cd6b8f0.png Rams DB, JOHNNIE Johnson.)



Looks like all you excellent Makers of Romuli have achieved marvelous unanimity:




Time will tell...



And I GOTs:  Rams' revenge/Justice For All/L.A. Woman/St. Louis, you're my bitch

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Bolt's penultimate sayonara

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On 10/12/2018 at 9:14 AM, gojiphen malor said:

My own creation has betrayed my beloved Iggles.

However, :) we did run SIMs earlier this week on the Tweet Tweet 


On 10/13/2018 at 8:08 PM, Bolt said:

I do twatter - not twitter - but this "Tweet Tweet" you speak of, I had not heard of before, and so I will be giving it a


You like that!


You like that!




. . .  Twirl?



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