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43 minutes ago, lightninglarry said:

still havent converted the vhs game file tape to blu ray yet....


hOkay. Lmk when you're done and we'll COM vs COM this out. I'm free on Easter to play the first half. Second half around Cinco de Mayo and if there's OT the coin toss winner takes it. But they can't draft a #Lewis this next decade. So it's like losing basically. hOkay.

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if I said the key to this Championship game is: Can Oklahoma's Jeff George stop Chicago's Richard Johnson? I'm sure the average tecmo-er would scratch their head in wonderment...... but we here in the great USFL know the lingo with which I speak and the wobble with which I walk, as we all find ourselves curled up together in this special pocket of the universe like a mess of fluffy kittens, a warm and majik-less place where Time and Space seemingly have ceased to exist altogether, amirite? man, haha true that about Time..... and Space too..... well, outside of Tim "Spaceman" Spencer, that is.....



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