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Madison, WI - 03/07/15 - Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now

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Here is a sample from Tecmo 8,9,10.


The average person that won with NE won by  15.9 pts. 

The average person that won with SEA won by  12.9 pt (small sample that included 3 SEA over RAMS wins)

 The average person that won with GB won by  15.0 pts. 

The average person that won with PIT won by  12.0 pts. 

The average person that won with NYG won by 13.6 pts. 

The average person that won with BUF won by 15.9 pts. 


That's like the super top level analysis. By far the largest factor is the luck of who you play in the small sample of games and if you get matchups that you are strong in or prefer playing and of course your tecmo skill. The guys earning the top seeds are typically among the best players.


And earning a top seed in madison for example maybe only gave you one extra "easier" game as almost everyone in the round of 32 could be considered an elite player. For sure the round of 16.   


sweet, it'd be nice to see the standard deviation along with those averages, because averages can be deceiving.

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