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The 1992 Season - My Ratings

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I know no one ever plays this game, but I wrote this up for the hell of it. Maybe over time someone else will find it useful.



This is my evaluations and overall ratings of all the teams in the 1992 season.


I ranked all the teams of their divisions in the order I believe they are as best to worst.







Buffalo Bills - Obviously the best all around team since this was their Super Bowl era.


Offense - One of the best as you would guess. Injuries tend to plague them, and they have turnover problems from time to time.


Defense - Average at best. They are not much of a challenge if you're playing against them, secondary gives up lots of deep balls, however the front line is useful if you're using them.


Miami Dolphins - Dolphins won the division over Buffalo this year, and in some ways they are similar as opposites in weaknesses and strengths.


Offense - The 3rd best passing offense period. Marino is well rounded in this season, and his receivers are strong. Main weakness is the running game, which will hold up during the season against weaker teams, but overall it's mediocre at best.


Defense - Great front line, easy to rack up sacks, and their secondary comes up big in times when using the Dime formation but in other times, I find them to be an above average unit but not one I'd want to pick.


New York Jets - One of the better dark horses in this game surprisingly. I really like the Jets in this game despite they only won 4 games.


Offense - Ken O'Brien must start over Nagle. As long as Nagle is starting, you will not get a challenge out of these guys period. O'Brien can really light bad defenses up with Burkett, and the running backs are decent. Baxter will often break huge runs and the backup McNiel outshines the main starter.


Defense - Average at best, if not below average. They perform well against bad offenses in particular and can be a pain to run on, but they cannot stop deep balls at all. The big play seems to be their death throes.



Indianapolis Colts - The most overrated team in the entire 1992 season. The Colts lucked into a 9-7 year despite getting shut out 3 times (including back to back shut outs) and having one of the worst offenses in the entire league. Their record is meaningless, as they are accurately a very bad team in this game.


Offense - Jeff George is very inaccurate in this game reflecting his 1992 season accordingly. The run game is very sloppy as Johnson is no where near explosive in this game as he was in TSB I (SNES) and he fumbles a lot. Their best wide receiver is Jesse Hester, and he's a backup behind Langhorne. That guy catches about anything, meanwhile everyone else drops easy passes or gets picked off easily. You're going to be turning the ball over a lot no matter how well you make George throw.


Defense - These guys can't stop a nose bleed. Bickett is your best chance of getting sacks, other than that, you have to be on the ball against the run to stop it. it's possible and the secondary can stop some big passes, but they have a hard time tackling. Often times they will play well but then get gashed to the bone late in the game when you need those stops. Playing against them is easy to rack up 40 points on.


How in the hell the Colts went 9-7 that year is beyond me, cause looking at the stats they were terrible, and this game is accurate with it. They are a bottom 4 horrible team. In all my games of playing with them, they are the hardest to win with. As an opponent they can give you fits from time to time, but they are so bad, they always end up shooting themselves in the foot with bad interceptions or horrible defensive play. How they won 9 games in 1992 is over my head, cause they normally go 3-13 in this game.


New England Patriots - They went 2-14 and are pretty bad in this game. Zolak is a backup to Millen and from time to time they can be a challenge. In a way, they are somewhat better than the Colts in the way they give you a challenge.


Offense - Zolak is better than Millen at QB, but overall this offense is very wobbly. Irving Fryar is the best player and you better really air it out to him. Run game is average at best but lots better than the Colts.


Defense - An all around joke. From time to time they can give you real fits if you're playing against the COM, and Vincent Brown can rack up sacks in this game. He's easily the best player on defense.





Houston Oilers - The best AFC team period in this roster. I have went a full 19-0 with them on this year and they have the best balanced offense and defense, though in times they have big flaws.


Offense - The best offense in the game for passing with a top 3 QB. The Oilers are well rounded, Givens is probably the best receiver, though Duncan is very useful as well. Lorenzo White is the RB again and he's very useful though not a team you can run heavily with. Sometimes there can be big problems with protecting Moon.


Defense - I love the Oilers defense. They can get picks rarely, and their front line will rack up sacks, but from time to time they break down and will give up huge plays. Playing against them can be tricky, though they can be quite average in times.


I hold firm in my opinion that they are the best AFC team period.


Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers won the division in 1992 and were very good in the regular season.


Offense - As you all know, O'Donnell is not the best QB ever but there are plenty of weapons on this team. Barry Foster is a total beast, and if he gets hurt (always does) Thompson can come in as a big help. Dwight Stone is one of the best receivers in the entire game, and he can come in handy a lot.


Defense - One of the best AFC defenses all around. Great front and the secondary is a big headache. Playing against these guys they can be a major pain, forcing big passes on them is a big no no. Rod Woodson and Greg Lloyd play great in the secondary.


Playing against Pittsburgh can be a big challenge, they will down right destroy the big QB's like Moon and Favre, but their offense is their biggest weakness as an opponent.


Cleveland Browns - Average is as average goes, but they have Bernie Kosar!


Offense - Kosar is not a bad QB at all. I find him to be accurate most the time, though the run is much more efficient. Unlike TSB I (SNES) Eric Metcalf is a monster in this game. he still fumbles, but he can break off some big runs. Kevin Mack is an underrated gem too. Mark Bavaro at TE is the best receiver on the offense, as in times these guys can be pretty average.


Defense - The definition of average. The secondary is great in times for interceptions, but they have a very hard time stopping the run and big plays.


I've won a Super Bowl with these guys against Dallas, so they are not all that bad, but they aren't great either.


Cincinnati Bengals - The last hoorah of a once great team. The Bengals are average too and in some ways much better than the Browns especially on offense.


Offense - Boomer at QB is a hundred times better than David Klinger. Harold Green is a great running back, and the receivers are OK, Carl Pickens is a big winner.


Defense - Average and some what below average. I'd take the Browns defense over them. With the Nickel, they can shut down average defenses but against the juggernauts, they are useless, especially against guys like Moon.





San Diego Chargers - Behold the team that started 0-4 and finished 11-5. The Chargers are well oiled machine in this game despite all their glaring flaws.


Offense - Marrion Butts is the juice of this offense. They are a run first team, though Humphries is much better here than he was in TSB I (SNES). Anthony Miller is an underrated gem too.


Defense - Chargers have the best defense in the whole AFC, period. Junior Seals is a beast, and Leslie O'Neal is great for sacks. The best thing about these guys is they can shut almost anybody down. Playing against them can be tough too, as they are one of the COM's favorite teams.


Kansas City Chiefs - A step down from their normal Tecmo counterparts but still a decent team.


Offense - This is the same offense in the other games, very pass heavy with a strong run. Only this time Krieg is not as good as Montana and the run game is weak since they were injured most of the season. Okoye is the better RB on this team but running it with them is much more difficult than other games. If you are passing it a lot, you better be ready to play strong defense cause these guys are not a powerhouse team on offense.


Defense - Slightly better than what was on TSB I (SNES) and TSB III. Derrick Thomas is still a beast to be reckoned with and using Niel Smith is worth using every down. The secondary still racks up interceptions, Charles Mincy is the bomb.


You could probably argue that the Chiefs are better than the Chargers but I take SD over them simply because the offense is better to run with.



Oakland Raiders - My favorite West team and I believe they are underrated in this game.


Offense - The Raiders have the best offense of the AFC West. Bold statement but I think I'm right. Schroder is a bad QB, and Marinovich isn't much better, but Tim Brown, Willie Gault, and Ethan Horton are great for catching balls. Nick Bell is an excellent running back and they are stacked to run the ball either way. They might not have a great QB, but they have all the right guns for an offense.


Defense - Slightly above average. I tend to have a lot of success with the Raiders in this game, they accumulate turnovers, sacks, but in random games they get gashed bad against mediocre offenses that they shouldn't have problems with. Their main weakness is stopping the run, but they manage very well to shut down big passing games.



Denver Broncos - Average team riddled with injuries. 8-8 is accurate.


Offense - Elway is a step down in this game. Maybe it's the higher difficulty's fault I always end up throwing a lot of picks with him, and he never will finish the season not injured. Mark Jackson and Shannon Sharpe (for some reason he's a backup) are the best receivers. Everyone else is average and the run game can be very shaky though Greg Lewis can perform well.


Defense - I hate this defense. If you're playing against them, they are a breeze to rack up stats on. Playing with them, you better know how to stop the run on contact and fast, because they miss tackles and get torn to pieces quite easily.


Seattle Seahawks - Great defense, bad offense.


Offense - Do I even have to say it? This is the worst offense in the entire game. Oh and there is no Mcgwire for laughs. Chris Warren is a damn good RB but he gets injured very often.


Defense - Strange enough the Seahawks have one of the best defenses in the entire game. Avoiding their disastourous offense, it's easy to use these guys to rack up sacks and stop a running game. Secondary can be shaky at times but overall, it's shocking how great their defense can be. Even playing against the Seahawks, their defense has given me a lot of bad games in the past.








Dallas Cowboys - The best team in the whole game and rightfully so in 1992.


Offense - Quite possibly the best balanced offense of the game (or S.F.). Aikman is very accurate, almost too accurate for his own good. You'll have an easy time throwing it, and he's very hard to intercept. Though Emmitt Smith is the main gun of the offense. He'll get injured as he always does and you'll have to throw it but that's not a problem. Michael Irvin is slower than Alvin Harper but his hands catch most passes, and Jay Novacek is a damn good Tight End.


Defense - One of the best defenses in the entire game, and the 2nd best defense of the NFC. Dallas can shut down just about any team, and playing against them they are a challenge in times, yet they fold badly when you have a good passing game going. Ken Norton and Charles Haley are great for pressure, and the secondary in times gets slashed, though they get picks often.


I might be overrating the Cowboys a bit, but their offense is ridiculous in this game. No matter how many times you break up Aikman's passes, you'll rarely ever intercept him, and their defense seems to do a great job stopping the run even though they are easy to throw on.



Philadelphia Eagles - Live and die on QB Eagles


Offense - As I said it, the Eagles are all about Cunnigham. Once he's injured, they are done. Walker is a good running back from time to time, and the offense is loaded with great receivers. Synder, Sikahema, and Barnett are great.


Defense - Reggie White is a big plus, he will rack up a lot of sacks, and they can manage well against the run, though break down against good guys like Emmitt Smith. The secondary is slightly above average. They perform well in times but will get destroyed by Aikman, Young, and the other big name QB's.


New York Giants - An underrated quality team despite a losing season.


Offense - Either QB is cool with this team. Simms and Hosteler aren't the fate of the team. They have 3 great RB's and then 1 good one. You can easily run the ball down anyone's throat, choose your weapon. Dave Meggett is tough to bring down but gets injured. Baker is a good receiver, and Mark Ingram is on here but more than anything, you're going to want to run the ball.


Defense - Average at best. They are the leftovers of that 1990 squad. Lawrence Taylor (56) is great to use in getting sacked but he'll get injured. The secondary is OK. If you're playing against them, they are a very bad defense and can be blown out easily.



Washington Redskins - Super Bowl hang over.


Offense - These Redskins are no where near as good as they were in previous games. Rypien is a pain to play with, often throwing many bad interceptions. The receivers are still good but the playbook is a big problem, and Earnest Byner is easily the most reliable person on offense.


Defense - These guys are no good on defense. I take that back, the front line is decent, but that secondary is total garbage. Get ready to have a lot of frustrating times against them, especially vs the Eagles and Cowboys. Even when you play against the Skins, their defense is a total joke as an opponent.


I take the Giants over the Redskins very simply, it's because their offense is a hundred times better, and the defense isn't near as bad.



Phoenix Cardinals - Junk


Offense - Chandler is one of the worst QB's in the game. The playbook kills this team worse than anything, but the receivers are decent. Reeves catches many passes in double coverage, and Randall Hill is worth using. The run game is pretty shaky mostly cause there is not any great running plays.


Defense - Garbage, just garbage. I don't have to go through this.






Minnesota Vikings - Could have been the dark horse of the NFC


Offense - Gannon is not the best QB but he's worth the struggles here. The Carter receivers are great, but more than anything you're going to be pounding the ball with Terry Allen. Even playing against the Vikings, they can be somewhat frustrating.


Defense - The best defense of the NFC Central, period. John Randle and Chris Doleman are monsters on defense. You will be using these guys if you want sacks, and playing against them, they are great at sacking your quarterback. McMillian and Parker are not worth getting picked off by in the secondary, and playing with Minnesota these guys come in handy.


I take the Vikings over the Pack here cause their defense is pretty damn good, much better than the Pack's as you will see.


Green Bay Packers - Slightly above average team that is overrated


Offense - Brett Favre is here, that's all. The Packers offense is quite overrated in this game. Favre has a huge arm and can throw deep balls, but Sharpe is the only reliable receiver. The run game is terrible, and the only other decent receiver is Brooks, and he fumbles a lot. Jackie Harris is worth the TE position but this offense is seriously lacking the talent they have on later Tecmo games.


Defense - This defense is down right terrible. No Reggie White means absolutely zero pressure. Many times they are easy to destroy as an opponent, and playing with them is frustrating to stop decent offenses.


Chicago Bears - Below average


Offense - Harbaugh is awful in this game. I don't know what is wrong with the Bears offense, they are terrible and very easy to destroy. Harbaugh is an interception machine.


Defense - This defense is surprisingly pretty decent. They have their moments, they aren't always great but from time to time they can pick up and be very tough. Woolford is one of the best defensive backs in the entire game and he will be giving you fits from time to time.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Make it stop already!


Offense - Vinny Testeverde is not very reliable in this game. He already suffers from a bad o-line, and he has bad turnover issues with fumbles and very horrible interceptions. DeBerg is a lot better but the offense is still severely lacking. Reggie Cobb is a great RB, but the receivers are no where near as reliable as I found them to be in TSB I (SNES). Oddly, the Bucs can give you quite some fits playing against them, that is until Vinny throws a pick.


Defense - Broderick Thomas is one of my favorite Tecmo players, and he is very handy on this team along with Dotson. Those two guys are your entire defense, good luck.


Detroit Lions - The most overrated team in this game, period.


Offense - This is a great lineup. That is until you realize how bad they really are. Barry Sanders is as good as always but man does he have some fumble issues when you play as him, and/or gets injured often. Rodney Peete is very bad in this game, but the receivers are decent. The o-line is bad, and you will be getting sacked a lot.


Defense - These guys need a lot of help. The secondary can get interceptions from time to time and I find the Linebackers to be useful but they have a hard time stopping the run, and that's what kills them the most.







San Francisco 49ers - #2 to the champions.


Offense - You know the drill. Young is at his absolute best in this game, and the offense is all around damn good. Running and passing is very easy with these guys, it's the Niners of course. As an opponent, the main thing that works against them is a great linebacker core. The Saints are typically the main team that can beat them into the ground.


Defense - These guys have some problems on defense. Playing with them, they look great and get stats, but have a bad habit of giving up huge plays. Playing against them, I find them to be above average and can be aggravating but not much. This is their main weakness and if you can stop the offense and ride their defense down the field, they are beatable.


New Orleans Saints - Best defense in the game, average offense.


Offense - If you rearrange the starting lineup, they aren't that bad. Craig Heyward is a very good running back that can mow his way through guys. He should be a starter, while Hilliard should be on the backup (he was a special player back in the day). Herbert is average, while Buck is down right horrible. Eric Martin is a decent receiver.


Defense - The best defense in the entire game, bar none. The Saints linebacker core is down right terrifying, and add Wayne Martin to the mix, and they are even better. Typically you can shut out most teams with these guys. Playing against them is down right frustrating as hell cause they can plow through any o-line in the game.


If it weren't for their mediocre offense, the Saints would be a top 3 team.



Atlanta Falcons - Impressive...most impressive


Offense - Atlanta's offense is well rounded for racking up passing stats. Miller is a good QB, and the receivers are damn good. Andre Rison is the most reliable. The run game is very bad though thanks to the playbook and shaky o-line. So you pay the price for the stats.


Defense - Not a bad unit when it comes to pressure and a good line, but their secondary is terrible. Playing against them, they tend to have success shutting down the pass, but that's a different story when you play as them.



L.A. Rams - Same story, different game.


Offense - Everett is one of the better QB's in the game that don't get a lot of credit. Anderson and Ellard are still the hands of the team. Gary is not a bad running back, overall this offense is decent.


Defense - Average at best. They aren't always terrible, but they aren't as reliable as they should be to make the Rams a Super Bowl team.






Overall Offense

1. Oilers

2. 49ers

3. Cowboys

4. Bills

5. Eagles

6. Dolphins

7. Steelers

8. Packers

9. Giants

10. Browns



Passing Offense

1. Oilers

2. Bills

3. Dolphins

4. 49ers

5. Cowboys

6. Falcons

7. Packers

8. Raiders

9. Eagles

10. Saints



Rushing Offense

1. Cowboys

2. Steelers

3. Giants

4. Bills

5. 49ers

6. Saints

7. Lions

8. Eagles

9. Chargers

10. Raiders



Overall Defense

1. Saints

2. Cowboys

3. Chargers

4. Oilers

5. Steelers

6. 49ers

7. Chiefs

8. Vikings

9. Seahawks

10. Eagles


Rushing Defense

1. Saints

2. Chargers

3. Cowboys

4. Oilers

5. 49ers

6. Steelers

7. Seahawks

8. Chiefs

9. Dolphins

10. Vikings


Passing Defense

1. Oilers

2. Steelers

3. Dolphins

4. 49ers

5. Saints

6. Cowboys

7. Bills

8. Chargers

9. Falcons

10. Vikings

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I would assume the 92 and 93 rosters would be fairly spot on to the actual results of those respective season.

They are very spot on when it comes to the final season results. I find it hilarious how bad the Colts are despite the 9-7 record, it accurately sums up how bad they were in '92.


Surprisingly Houston who went 10-6 is a much better team than the real record was. I would argue they are are a top 3 team in this game.


I will do a run of the 1993 rosters too when I have the time.

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I take back everything I have said about the Colts and Pats.



The Cardinals are hands down the worst team in the entire game.


The defense has an OK linebacker corps with Stowe and Bankston for the rush, but I swear to Satan, that offense fucking sucks.


Chandler isn't no good but he's way better than Timm Rosenbach.


QB Cardinals AKA Rosenbach is the worst QB I have ever played with in a Tecmo game, period.



I have shut the Cardinals out a record 4 times. At week 8, they've only scored 35 points total, while giving up over 305.


I suffered my first shut out ever at the hands of the COM with this team. No Chandler, I was forced with Rosenbach and man oh man does he throw interceptions and fumble constantly.


You can't even run that flea flicker play they have without being nervous cause low and behond, Rosenbach magically drops the goddamn ball and fumbles.


Maybe I'm being too hard on the QB's and it's not all their fault cause this team drops more passes than anyone I have ever played with; Reeves can't catch anything, Johnny Johnson and Johnny Bailey love fumbling, Ernie Jones fumbles a-fucking-lot and on top of that, you have to worry about Rosenbach throwing poor passes that get picked off constantly, if Chandler is injured. At least Chandler throws it faster, I'll give him that.


The ONLY good player on the entire offense is Ricky Proehl. He don't catch everything, but he can catch balls in double coverage when you're playing against them and he don't fumble as much as the other guys, but he still fumbles a lot.


I am currently 0-4 in playing with these guys and have made it a conquest to at least win a damn game with this sorry bunch of scrubs. My last game was against the 49ers, whom I held Young to just 50 passing yards and 6 sacks....on the other hand I started 10-0 before having 5 fumbles in a row on the offense which all were turned for TD's, to go into the half 34-10. I scored 2 more TD's, fumbled two more times and threw an interception, but still lost badly at 24-41. 8 turnovers in one game, that is a record for me, also 5 fumbles resulted in TD's, including 3 returned all the way and the other two ending up at the red zone.

Edited by DeBerg

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I loved this game growing up. I played it on SEGA more than I played the original version. I remeber liking the gameplay more on the NES version but thought the ratings were better on the SEGA version.

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On 1/1/2015 at 10:03 PM, tecmoalpha said:

Great read bro....will you also do this for 93 and 94?


Now that I have a new account on here again year later, yes!

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Can't believe I wrote this up 3 years ago and it's still pretty accurate going through the 1992 season on this game....


I've been playing this game for years now....I have learned so much more. 


I stand by everything I said though about every team, especially when I said that the Cardinals in the 1992 season are the worst I have ever played with in any Tecmo game. 


If I could go back and do any edits 3 years later, I'd say that I severely underrated the Eagles in this specific season. I don't play a lot of NES Tecmo or any other versions, but the 1992 Eagles in this game, have the best Eagles defense I have played in any Tecmo. I greatly underrated them, especially their secondary. 


That team don't live and die off QB Eagles like I said back in 2014. I've learned over the years that Philly's backbone in the 1992 season is their defense...a lot of times, it's their defense that will bail you out since the offense will struggle at times. 

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Oh yea ur right...cuz in real life that same year I think Philly may had beat the cowboys ass with that defense and if they had a real offense that year prolly could had went to the super bowl 

Didn't they have white and Joyner and Eric allen?

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15 hours ago, tecmoalpha said:

Oh yea ur right...cuz in real life that same year I think Philly may had beat the cowboys ass with that defense and if they had a real offense that year prolly could had went to the super bowl 

Didn't they have white and Joyner and Eric allen?

I remember that night (Eagles spanked Cowboys) Both teams were 3-0 going into Monday Night Football. I was at a pizza joint and had just bought my first first jersey (Aikman, dark blue). The Eagles did spank the Cowboys, and Aikey threw 3 picks. I thought the jersey was cursed...

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On 6/8/2018 at 9:34 AM, kamphuna8 said:

I remember that night (Eagles spanked Cowboys) Both teams were 3-0 going into Monday Night Football. I was at a pizza joint and had just bought my first first jersey (Aikman, dark blue). The Eagles did spank the Cowboys, and Aikey threw 3 picks. I thought the jersey was cursed...


That's a hilarious story. Something about Aikman that has always got me with Tecmo is that he's one of the hardest QBs to intercept despite his TD/INT numbers being dramatically lower compared to the other hard to pick off QBs. I can count on my hand just how many interceptions I've got off him in any game. Picking off Aikman, Young, Moon and Marino feels like an achievement. 

Edited by _DEBERG

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