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KGB 1982-97 Historic Teams Rom

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Longtime lurker. Love this site, and figured this would be the best place to share this.

Big thanks to the creator of the KGB editor.

I've worked on this rom on and off for a long time. There were some players that I was unable to give 10 attributes to. The editor just wouldn't save them. Some players appear on multiple teams, but that was inevitable. I left four of the '93 teams from the original game (PHI, SF, CHW & TOR), as they were arguably the best team from each franchise during those years. 

KGB Historic Teams (1982-97)

1984 San Diego Padres
1985 St. Louis Cardinals
1986 New York Mets
1986 Houston Astros
1988 Los Angeles Dodgers
1989 Chicago Cubs
1990 Cincinnati Reds
1991 Atlanta Braves
1991 Pittsburgh Pirates
1993 Philadelphia Phillies
1993 San Francisco Giants
1994 Montreal Expos
1995 Colorado Rockies
1997 Florida Marlins

1982 Milwaukee Brewers
1983 Baltimore Orioles
1984 Detroit Tigers
1985 Kansas City Royals
1986 Boston Red Sox
1986 California Angels
1988 Oakland Athletics
1991 Minnesota Twins
1993 Toronto Blue Jays
1993 Chicago White Sox
1994 New York Yankees
1995 Cleveland Indians
1995 Seattle Mariners
1996 Texas Rangers

1984 - DET vs. SD
1985 - KC vs. STL
1986 - NYM vs. BOS
1988 - LA vs. OAK
1991 - MIN vs. ATL

1986 - NYM vs. HOU
1991 - ATL vs. PIT

1986 - BOS vs. CAL
1995 - CLE vs. SEA


1982-97 KGB Historic Teams.smc

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Love this, as a younger sports game fan this was my jam in the mid-90s before Tecmo took over. Expos are my favorite in the original game, nice to see the '94 team (which got robbed by the dang strike) get some representation.


Interesting to see no teams were at their best in 1987 though (as a Twins fan I would have picked 1991 for them also, just something I noticed).

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