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NFL Street Tecmo 14-15 ROM, NES TSB - download 10/12/14

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ROM FINALLY READY! (See bottom of this post)



Only 16 NFL teams.


The game is still fast, tough, and fun.  This is by far the best and most refined version yet.  However, there might still be a few minor graphical bugs that pop up from time to time.  This is a work in progress, but this version represents a good 1/2 year of tweaks from the last version.  So enjoy it.


There are a few new plays this year, and quite a few plays have been updated/tweaked.  There is a new formation "Pistol" and it has a "option run", an "option sweep", and a pass.  (not real option, but try it and see - 49ers have the Pistol default playbook, check it out.)


There is a pass "diva" available in each passing slot, etc.  EXPLORE the plays.  Lots of ways to run a season with different playbooks, etc.


Divas and any play (except normal runs and passes) where the MAN controls someone other than the primary ball carrier - the graphic looks like an "M".


Here's the layout of the playbooks.




This post will be updated as needed.



tsb 14-15 NFL STREET buck v1A.nes


peace out.

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there are going to be two ROMs.  each with 16 NFL teams.  the "main" ROM and the "other" ROM with the leftover teams.


one new plan is to increase the number of "Diva" plays (where you control a Receiver, instead of the QB).  at least one Diva play per slot.


[here is the thread and ROM from last year - http://tecmobowl.org/topic/57073-2013-14-nfl-tsb-street-tecmo-rom-here/ ]

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word to your moms - there's a good chance this will be a 32-team street ROM!  


I am still in the initial porting stage, but I believe I can pull it off.  I already have 7-on-7, the small field, and the playbooks (basically) working for the 32-team.  I still have a whole lottta of graphics/displays, then the physics, and other hackage.


I might post here if I come up with any issues - maybe somebody can help us figure out some things.

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32 team version on temporary hold.  I ended up doing some general street playbook work and etcetera and other tsb rom hacking instead.  Maybe by the end of the season I will have the time and patience to finish the 32 teamer.


Anyways, 16 team version will be here very soon.  New "pistol" formation and plays, upgraded "diva" plays (including a new TE and RB diva plays), upgraded "blocker" play, upgraded I-form, and more.






no more than a week away.

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ROM is finally here!  See 1st post.


thanks for being patient.  enjoy, it's the same NFL streets as last year, but greatly improved, in my opinion.


whoops, bump for version 1A....had Giants offense formation wacked.  I think there was only one download.

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Seattle pass 1. Is it doing what it's supposed to? It auto throws to lynch every time like it was a toss play

Seattle pass 2 doesn't match diagram. Both are drawn streak. Both do curls

If you exit half time show early the half time music will continue while you're playing

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Seattle pass 1. Is it doing what it's supposed to? It auto throws to lynch every time like it was a toss play


Yes, the M icon means Man aka YOU, SON. Run the most awesome route ever of all time.

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yeah, that Pass 1 RB Diva is pretty limited and you have to work on your timing.  The Diva plays have a higher % chance that the QB will throw to the "M" receiver (for obvious reasons).


regarding the Pass 2 that Seattle has, yes, there is a chance that the receivers will come back instead of running flys.  There are a few passes like this where the receivers *might* run different routes than what the graphics show.  Sometimes this happens not-so-randomly, and they'll run the "alternate" routes back to back.


another note, and I might address this graphically soon with a rom update - the Pass 2 "Pistol Option" - you are controlling the RB!  The play might go up or down, and the QB might or might not pitch it to you, but it is up to you to move the RB to an appropriate position to receive the pitch.



PS - will somebody move this thread to the ROM upload/download section?  please and thanks.

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It sure was a surprise on 4 and 27 when they ran 8 yard curls !!

And I just can't even explain the difficulty level on a touch screen haha. But yeah so far super fun even when getting creamed

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In the 5 or 6 times I called the play I don't think I ever saw either one of them run the go, just curls. Give me 2 mins and I'll play a few more

Tiny sample of 57 plays but in 19 both curled, 23 one we curled and in just 15 did they both run streak

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because of Tikker, I started a season with SEA the other night.  and for the 1st time ever in this game, I actually shut a team out.  6-2 SEA won 51-0 vs BUF.  Picked-off Orton 5 times.  SEA is now 7-2.  after 9 games, Earl Thomas has 13 ints and 7 tds.


I had played 6 or 7 seasons over the last couple of months, and usually barely go 0.500 or a little over.  I had not ever played with SEA, though, and you can be pretty lazy on offense because this defense actually makes a difference.

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yeah, with no pittsburgh (boooo) i had to use seattle


I'm a big fan of just using bennet and crashing down the rest of the oline and freeing up everyone else


ps are you noticing how often play 2 turns into curls instead of streaks?

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yeah, I would agree that they are coming back more than I they probably should, but I actually like those curls better!  


Anyways, I think you are missing a key point of passing in the TSB Streets - you have to force things and work on timing, more than anything.  You can't pass like you do in any other TSB rom.  It's really different.  A lot of times you shouldn't even "wait" for a route to develop.  You have to anticipate and just make the throw.  After you pass enough (and learn to "force" things) you'll see what I mean, I think.


One thing to try with that play (not that it's really a good play (because I didn't want to make every play a kick ass bread and butter play), but hey, there are 7 more plays in that slot to try!) is to just hit the receivers quick.  I mean like: snap, 2 step drop, and fire away.  You'll see that you can actually hit them on the "streak" but you have to force it and not wait.

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      This will prevent the schedule from being random. You may need to do a season reset once to get it unrandomized but it should be good from then on.

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      2. Jstout makes it so the computer QB will try to throw to an open receiver rather than relying only on the random chances set in the play



      3. My hack allows for seperate pass block and run block skills. HP vs HP is used for run blocking and offensive RS vs defensive MS is used
      for pass blocking.


      4. My hack that lets you throw lob passes by pressing the start button


      5. My special teams hack that lets you return punts out of the endzone, fair catch punts, touchback kickoffs, take instant timeouts by pressing start, and down the ball by pressing select.


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      10. xplosv' hack that lets you jump and dive for passes by pressing B. He also creates a hack that lets you throw to receivers in "madden style" by pressing a button that targets a WR.


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      2. Ability table for player specific injury rates

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    • By buck
      There are 4x roms in the zip - actually, only two games (ROM 1 and ROM 2), but see below for reasoning for the extra two roms
      the zip also contains a basic readme, and a png image of a playbook key

      View attachment: Street Tecmo 2013 v1 also with no p2.zip

      View attachment: tsb street var shots 1.png


      There are two ROMs, each with 16 NFL teams.
      The only difference between the ROMs are the teams/rosters/names, etc. and the color of the endzones.

      Based on Jstout's "CIFL 7-on-7" NES Tecmo Super Bowl ROM
      Upgraded plays (enhanced for the street)
      50 yard "field"

      COM v MAN (you can play as player 2 if you set up your emulator)
      Competitive COM for challenging Season fun

      No "Out of Bounds" - you can run into the walls

      New Halftime and New Halftime Song
      Reduced Cutscreens

      Game plays very fast (almost every variable is sped up greatly)
      Turnovers and scoring are common
      No punts (just "kicker")
      Countless Graphic changes

      In-game playbook changing
      Cool new Uniforms (some throwbacks in there, too)
      12-game season with 8-team playoffs

      "Heroes" - it's like a mini-game
      I have set up the heroes from the original Tecmo Super Bowl game
      AFC and NFC - using their original ratings (although some are decreased because it's played as pro-bowl game)
      but, it has a totally different feel and challenge than the other modern "street" teams

      Pass Accuracy is completion/int variable
      KR return at their own Max Speed
      Player 2 condition indicator fixed

      No pass-defender auto-dive
      Quicker dives for defenders

      AI hacks
      Passing Game Hacks

      Bruddog's OL/DL Differential (more random popcorn in the trenches)

      HP Hack (MAN v MAN "popcorn" and/or "mash")
      Also, HP is quantized to a scale of "0 to 3 extra presses" that are added to grapple counter)
      6-25 HP = 0 extra press
      31-50 HP = 1 extra press
      56-75 HP = 2 extra press
      81-100 HP = 3 extra press

      EXTRA ("no p2" versions): the (main) 1st version of TSB Street posted on 9-5-12 has a very cool hack (thanks xplozv) that lets you play as the 2nd player (2nd side) vs COM (also in season mode).
      A requirement is that you need to have your emulator set up such that you have control of the 2nd player controller (or if using an actual NES, a controller in port 2!) . In the emulator I use, I have them both programmed to the same controller/buttons.
      If you use an emulator that will not allow you to program or play as a 2nd player controller, I have provided a set of roms with the additional "no p2" characters in the rom filename. this "no p2" will play just like the original TSB - MAN will always be player one side when playing COM.

      Therefore I have updated the zip to include these "no p2" versions. I also updated the readme in the zip. No other changes have been made.

      We must thank the following, because this rom would not be possible without their past or present help:
      jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, knobbe, bodom, and xplozv

      (jstout did not have any direct hand in the making of this ROM, but we thought we should credit him because we used his CIFL 7-on-7 ROM as our base)


      it's a party, jerk. so enjoy it.

      This post has been promoted to an article

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    • By buck
      Once again -
      Taking NES TSB to the NEXT LEVEL
      - Free-of-Charge
      and made with PURE TECMO LOVE -

      by buck and rewhawl

      "Street Tecmo" is coming very soon - in the form of two ROMS, each with 16-teams from the '12-'13 NFL season. superstars and super-duds.
      But you will find yourself in another "tecmo world" with this ROM - I promise. There is no equivalent to this ROM.
      Prepare yourself for the most action-packed, heart-pounding, breath-holding TSB experience of your life.


      There's no-where to hide. No Refs (for various reasons). No out of bounds, only out of play.

      Things can get out of hand very quickly on the streets. Always bring your A-game and always keep on the alert.

      Only the Strong (and Lucky) survive on the streets.

      *Though "Street Tecmo" is based on tecmo-legend jstout's incredible 7-on-7 CIFL ROM, the only thing that remains the same are his short field, 7 on 7 action, and the essence of his plays - but even the plays and defenses have been internally tweaked for the streets.

      List of some of the new features:

      Gameplay Hacks...
      let's start with hyperspeed "street physics"
      a unique HP hack (with MAN v MAN popcorn/mash, too)
      pass accuracy as completion variable
      bruddog's "OL/DL" hack
      passing-game hacks
      AI hacks
      in-game playbook changing
      12-game season with 8-team playoffs
      jstout's "posession style" overtime
      no "out of bounds", just "walls"

      Other Hacks...
      cutscreens heavily altered and/or removed (this game moves at inner-city pace)
      countless, heavily-modified graphics and palettes
      new uniforms by rewhawl
      awesome new uniform colors and combinations (continuing the buck tradition)
      "new" half-time with a "new" song (breakdance).

      this rom would not be possible without the past help of:
      jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, and xplozv

      View attachment: street screen 2.PNG
      View attachment: street screen 3.PNG
      View attachment: street screen 4.PNG
      View attachment: street screen 1.PNG

      (this post will be updated when more details become available)

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