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SD v CLE split

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Game 1 SD home 


SD in the powder blue and yellow. Both teams are stopped on the initial drive. SD grinds out a TD behind Gaston running. 7-0. CLE goes for it right around midfield on 4th down with about 10 seconds left. Kamp loses track of time and goes for the WR over the middle but it doinks off his hands. Morten who has yet to miss all season comes in to drill one from about 62 or so to give the Charger the second half lead.  CLe gets the ball in the second half but a Walls JJ int and then a Walls CC int helps to break things open. Conditions come into play in the second hald as majik goes into good an then excellent with givins in good.This lets Majik go at Mayhew which he does to the tune of two long jjs to givins for TD's. SD up 24-7. Ware hits oh nelly Keith Jackson for a long jj td buit its too little to late as Cle does not recover the player 2 onside and chargers waste clock. 


Final SD 24-CLE 14


Game 2 CLE home - Browns come out in their turd unis but it was the Chargers playing like turds early. Flip the script as majik makes some ill advised throws given the conditions and mayhew jump picks him on the first or second drive giving the Browns a short field which they capitalize on. I believe I get a diver on 4th down around midfield before half. I drive but half to settle for a FG.  7-3. Kinda forgetting the order of things here but kamp can clarify. Either eason or ware fumbles inside the 5 and give SD life as CLE was about to go up two scores mid to late 3rd. A SD drone recovers in the endzone after the ball bounces for awhile. A long drive capped stalls in the redzone but after waiting for lag to die down majik gets in on the shotgun sneak on 3rd. 10-7. Cle drives back after SD makes an error going to tackle a good mueller and he rips off a long one capped by a paige TD. 4th quarter Ickey Woods is in good at this point and gaston in bad so ickey gets the nod. Mayhew cannot tackle him and Ickey rips off 2-3 longs ones. THe final one being a 30yd td or so. Chargers have battled back to a 17-14 lead. Cle is grinding the runs with the clock ticking down. On their own 48 with about 5 seconds to go in the game they bring in a GOOD STAUROVSKY to attempt the FG. Hometown favorite Seau is feeling excellent. He gets in there quick like a fly on shit but STAUROVSKY has it lined up good. It's on its way.....hits the upright....and its gooood.  :cry:  A 69 yard FG to send the game to OVERTIME. I got a bit jj happy around midfield after a couple picked runs and i fail on 4th down. A couple runs by Kamp and he hits the FG for the game winner .


1920's tecmo as the teams run 49 times for  349 yards and pass 13 times for 61 yards. Majik would have been better off not eve attempting a pass with 30 yards on 8 attempts and 2 picks. 


Final CLE 20 SD 17



GG's kamp

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Game 2 started with 2 INTs, the second one was of a JJ fashion I believe, and I was driving but fumbled at the goal line, keeping it 7-0.


You had a great diving stop on a 4th and 8 or so in my own territory where we thought of calling instant replay, and you capitalized taking the 17 - 14 lead. Then the  Staurovsky kick after a LOT of deliberation.


Fun times as always. I ruined what was promising to be another very good game by not realizing the time there at the end of the 1st half.


GGs Brudde, GLRW

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